Monday, November 08, 2010


I love pushing the buttons of Haters!!!

MOC, JuicyGoHoe, Tre Bag X, Devil ShipWreck..........

I don't understand, Why you guys spend so much time hating on Me. Shouldn't you be trying to build your fan bases. Your blogs are mostly filled with Pics of Me(Its the truth)and how funny I look. I glance at your blogs and my name is written in like 90% of your posts. Why are you so obsessed with Me???

If you want to insult me, at least be somewhat creative about it. Do you lack the skills of putting together a project which insults me and showcases you at the same time?? Perez Hilton drawings with funny captions in it??? That's creative??? Can't you do anything that isn't a ripoff of someone else???

God these Haters are weak today!!

Anyway I dedicate this Vid to the people above:

I dedicate this Vid to you, LISTEN TO THE WORDS:


Sue said...

I LOVE your little fuck-you dance!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!

keeprnla said...

Maybe they are trying to hide a secret crush.

Dre said...

Love the briefs and of course...the pecs.

Anonymous said...

Diesel, you ask: Why are you so obsessed with me??
Well, I'll answer you, they are obsessed with you because they envy what they can not get because they are too clumsy and not very intelligent to get themselves.
The human being jealous, all that he can not achieve on its own, due to its low bravery or because he can not exploit their own strengths to achieve, then it is easier to destroy the opponent does and in this way the envious, believes that, lower your expectations to achieve your goals.
The only thing that shows them that hate you, it's the little brain they have is more full of air, and not neurons.
Diesel, those who hate you have no brain.
Looking for ways to make you step on the stick so that you will fall, they do not understand is that they are nothing, and that's what bothers them most, not only because you know it, but because most people know that they are nothing.
You're a great human being, something they are not, they do not arrive on the heels.
A big hug.

Adrian .-

Anonymous said...

If you could e-mail me with a few suggestions on just how you made your blog look this excellent, I would be grateful.