Monday, November 22, 2010



In the last post I showed you some booty shaking, alot of emails came in saying "What about the Big Boys?" I didn't forget my "Thick" boys here you go:

Could have shaked it harder!! But still good!!


Old Man Thick Booty

Shake that Fat Ass!!!

Meaty bone ass!!And its funny that his girlfriend posted his Vid!!LOL

Damn they have a fucking routine go head Thick Momma!!

Go head White Boy move that ass!!


Unhappy Cappy said...

Cool, that's what's up. Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

Hi T...sorry but the Polynesian Way is Best!!..feet together!!..and you kind of bounce/rock all the way up from your feet/heels...u have to watch it to get the technique right....Maori/Samoan/Tongan/Tahitian/Rarotongan/Tokelau/Gilbertese... are the main groups I can think of just now...seeing's believing...Rgds..Laurie

Anonymous said...

Hi T....more info..apart from the culture side in Polynesia...its also for making you strong and fit etc...having the feet wide apart actually braces the hips against movement in effect...(I believe)...using the feet together technique also I believe allows a lot faster speeds see if you can find any Polynesian dance groups etc on should be able to build up a good sweat doing this btw.....Rgds...Laurie