Wednesday, November 24, 2010



A picture is worth a thousand words!!!

This is WHY I'm here!!

Hmmmm lets throw out some more days...




You get the point.....

Or maybe I'm getting the point???




Anonymous said...

Now that their active porn movie careers are over and much time has well gone by, I think I can now speak about Bobby Blake and Flex Deon who are the main performers on the porn movie jacket that inspires you.

Both Bobby Blake and Flex Deon Blake, his live in lover for some years were quite versatile off screen. I know as I've seen them bottom in private and have myself topped them both several times with others.

Bobby Blake in particular was originally under the influence of director and producer Edward James at Bacchus, who groomed Bobby and subsequently Flex Deon into being on screen hard tops only, which image actually was nothing at all like their true off screen personas. Sadly Edward James paid both Blake and Flex peanuts and they never built up any cash for themselves.

The "Mandingo" image that Edward James carefuly gromed for Bobby and Flex thru the early to late 90's set the scene for Black muscle performers to always be on screen tops only, which restriction was never ever the case with Macho white muscle performers.

Now in 2010 with hot muscle black performers like Robert Axel, Marc Wlliams, Matthew Rush, Scott Alexander, Race Cooper, Damien Holt, Eddie Diaz and now Austin Wilde bottoming with no hang ups and getting good work and well paid, it seems sad that in the 1990's Bobby and Flex could not feel able to represent their true selfs on screen and ended up restricting themselves and earning so very little for such long porn careers.

Anonymous said...

^Your inside track in interesting. Because, despite their attractive physiques and sexual athleticism, I've always thought Bobby and Flex were boring as hell because all's they did was top and play the same characters over and over. I think Flex did loosen up a bit towards the end though. performers need to be somewhat versatile onscreen to retain my interest over time.