Sunday, November 21, 2010


Okay I will listen to my fans....

You guys have sent email after email saying to ignore the haters, and go back to doing what I do best and that is making my observations about life.

Okay back to blogging.....

Hip Hop is universal now!!! I remember a time when Hip Hop was underground and actually called Contemporary music. I was twelve when I heard my first rap song, and that was Rappers Delight:

And then when I heard Roxanne by UTFO, I was hooked:

I used to Break Dance on the block and I ran with different crews back in the days. Hip Hop was mostly an inner city music thing, and it was huge in the black community. It was a reflection of the Hood/Ghetto/Projects, it was a style of dress, the way you walked, talked, it was just an attitude that you carried yourself with.

When Hip Hop went universal it was accepted by other communities and it became this "Thing" regardless of color, creed or whatever. It became a movement of expression and I still love it to this day.

I had a chance to see the birth of Hip Hop and seeing it reach this level that it is at is still strange to me. When you see the white boys in their trailer parks, dancing and rapping to their favorite Hip Hop artists I get a kick out of it. You see the Asian boys dancing and rapping and pop locking to the beat. I love it all!!

Now since I'm a Youtube head, I'm watching all the Vids that the boys are uploading nowadays. White, Asian, Latin, Indian bah bah, the boys are now uploading videos featuring them

Booty Popping!!!

Black girls booty popping is popular in the clubs, then you have the black boys starting to booty pop(Str8 and Gay)

Booty shaking!!! I'm a fan of bubble butts, so I'm staring at the new Vids of the boys shaking that ass. When did white/asian boys start to get flavor?, No offense but when I was growing up white boys and asian boys did not know how to dance like this or was able to shake ass like this

So this is for my White boys Booty popping, and they are starting to shake that ass Wow!!

Here are some of my Favorites:

That shit is crazy!!! WTF

Funny stuff!!

Killing it!!!



Shaking that shit!!!

Look at his face!!

Keep shaking that ass fellas and keep loading them up to Youtube. I don't care if your Black, White, Asian, Latin whatever keep shaking that ass!! Damn!!!

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Anonymous said...

Dayum! Some of those videos made me want to be a top! LMAO!!!