Monday, November 15, 2010


The Beauty of Color by Tim Ashkar

I got alittle cheesy...... I filmed this week and never released it until now. Enjoy!!

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Anonymous said...

Get over this color issue. Porn isn't sold to black people because white people buy it. Why? Because white people are so fucking sexually repressed and generally conservative they need fantasy and video to get off. Black people on the other hand don't give a shit. They do what they want and feel. They don't need porn to be sexually expressive. Diesel, I love you and want to be your bitch, but get over this color issue. Why do you think BlackBalled sells so well? Because white men want to fucked senseless by sexually unrepressed black men. No, it isn't just their big dicks (but that helps). What I'm saying is color doesn't dominate casting, sales do. I mean this out of love, stop bitching, you sound like a bottom. There is an old saying...Don't talk the talk, just walk the walk. The rest comes naturally. You're right, it is 2011 soon. Are you a black porn star or are you a porn star? Rosa parks didn't sit in the front of the bus because she was a black person, she did it because she was a person and she had a right to sit there. It's not the industries fault that white people are the primary buying market. You've talked about starting you're own company. Would you sell a product that wouldn't appeal to the buying market?