Thursday, November 18, 2010



I always wondered about the Diesel Washington/Crimes against Nature fans out there. Who are you guys/girls?? Why do you read this blog, or follow my work??. Why do you guys vote for me? Why do you even follow me??

I never answer your emails, I'm not putting out any recent scenes. I'm bitchy, catty, crabby and sometimes I'm down right miserable. My posts are filled with grammar errors, run on sentences, fragmented sentences. I don't put up a bunch of cock pics or constantly show off my body.

To this day, I still can't believe that I have people who actually read this blog. And then recently, I figured it out why people keep coming to my blog day after day to read this train wreck. I figured out why the Diesel Washington character remains so popular(and gaining everyday)and has such loyal and devoted fans. Lets run down the reasons why:

Besides being decent looking, with decent body and decent cock.

I represent the black guys, who are not thugs or ghetto and who are tired of that stereotype.

I represent the guys, who are tired of porno fucking without passion and intensity.

I represent the guys, who are tired of the gay for pay stars who constantly say they hate gay sex, and when they perform its lifeless and stiff and lack luster.

I represent the MOC community(Black, Latin, Asian, Indian etc)that are tired of being force fed models that don't interest us or represent us.

I represent the fans that are tired of the Studios/Sites that us throw images of gay sex that we don't agree with.

I represent the people who are tired of being ignored, when we spend our hard earned money on porn only to be told by Studios/Sites what is hot or not.

I represent a community that is tired of seeing the same tired formula that Studios/Sites use when casting for movies (young, white, jock types that all look alike)that same formula has been used for the last 15 years.

I represent that model that is tired of cut throats, ass kissers, brown noses that will step on anybody to reach the top.

I represent that blogger, that is a breath of fresh air. Blogs about the good and bad and has an opinion rather then follow what everybody else does.

I represent that model that reached the top through hard work and a fighters attitude. Rather then that model that slept his way to the top....

I represent that throw back model, when porn stars looked like porn stars, not that kid that was hired off the street and did a few scenes and want to call themselves a porn star.

I represent that model that doesn't ask for hand outs or pity from their fans.

I represent that model that has respect for himself, and goes and gets tested not only for him, but also for the models that he works with.

I represent for those older guys, that are still hot, and can run circles around some of these young boys doing porn today.

I represent that guy, that was told time after time, they didn't have the right look, or was told that this part wasn't right for them.

I represent that model that doesn't have major backing, a studio behind him or any sponsors or affiliates and still has a following despite that fact.

I represent that model regardless of the paycheck or payday will turn down scenes if I do not agree with the set up(bareback, thug, or doesn't fit the brand). Money does not rule my world.

I represent that new breed of model, that listens to his fans. Works for the fans and even though I'm not filming I still put out something for those fans to show that even though the industry is not embracing me. I embrace my fans because without them I might have given up a long time ago.

I represent that Str8 looking, masculine, strong type that is not afraid to display his sexuality. I'm not DL, a closet case, or ashamed of the fact that I like guys.

I represent that guy that is comfortable with his sexuality, and has a strong relationship and bond with his family. If my mother can come to Gay porn award shows with their son to show support. Maybe doing that will show other parents to love and support their children regardless of sexuality and what their child does for a living. Showing by example..

The industry does not understand, the more you try to bury me. The more popular I become because my fans will not let me die. I finally realized the fight is bigger than me, bigger than my career...

I'm just the figurehead that people support because I go against the grain. I know for a fact that some of the people that follow are not into me or my look probably not even sexually attracted to me. But they agree with the message I keep shoving down peoples throat.

Maybe if the industry took my words seriously, they would see greater sales. As I see it sales are going lower and lower, and the studios/sites have no clue why. It's not because of the Tube sites(as I once thought)its because your not listening to your fans and changing with society. Things have changed, but the older studios/sites feel they know whats right. Since they don't want to share the power or control or listen to models with their ear to the streets. They will be doomed to fail....

Ever wonder why sites like Randy Blue, Corbin Fisher, Sean Cody keep gaining in popularity??? Because they are starting to listen to fans...

The biggest example of this???

Dominic Ford, it started out as a website doing 3D movies. It had a slow start, and then it started changing its format and listening to fans. They put out the DVD, Whorrey Potter...

That DVD hit the stores and outsold some of the bigger studios work. It was groundbreaking and different just what the porn audience wanted..... Something different, with a diverse cast.....

I'm just sitting home, watching what is happening in Gay porn nowadays just shaking my head and saying "Well they don't want to listen, so they deserve everything that is happening"

As far as Diesel Washington goes???

I'm writing down everything the fans are telling me in emails, I'm writing down everything insiders are telling about what is selling and what is not.

I'm coming up with a plan........

Fans, Supporters, loyal readers we will have our day very soon. They are underestimating Diesel Washington, and they are underestimating the fans that buy their products.

All I can say....

#Epic Fail


Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Why are you so focused on these people you call "they?" All of your posts are about "the haters." Man you have really let them fuck you over.

Let's see. One of them is the king of comments on other peoples blogs and thinks calling numbers at bingo night is a big whoop! The other is a video pirate that has a blog that only receives comments from his one fan (the bingo numbers caller.) And then there is a black porn performer that sends a message that bareback sex is OK.

You are better than any one of those buffoons. BELIEVE.

Ray Avito said...

Before I even saw any of your scenes, I thought you were entertaining and wildly unpredictable; you made an intriguing character, which in turn made the scenes more exciting. Mainly, I like that I can come here and never know what I'm going to get.

Anonymous said...

I started following you because I was intrigued to find out more about the person behind the celebrity. Through your writings I found that you are just the same as the rest of us but probably more vocally daring than I am in my blog. I found more of a connection with you through your geeky comic lover side rather than what you do in the porn world. I see a person that loves his family, wants to be respected for his work, has lots of interests, has a wild sense of humour. I see that you have potential to go in a different career direction, you have the looks to be a mainstream model such as the direction Francois Sagat has gone in. With regard to the "haters", well, someone taught me a saying many years ago "if you don't like me then don't talk to me", we all have to surround ourselves with positive people. If people cannot say anything that is good then I feel sorry for them, that is really their problem to take on, not yours.