Friday, November 19, 2010


Hmmm??? I'm confused it was reported(Queermenow/Queerpornnation)that Robert Axel was signed to Falcon. In a twist......

It has been announced that Robert Axel has signed with CockSure Men???? Hmmmm?? I hate to open a can of worms. But what happened here??? Seems like there is a back story here that I'm missing and I'm curious to know what happened???

There is a story for you Zach..

What happened to Robert Axel??? Falcon exlcusive and now he is Cocksure Men exlcusive. Is he a dual exclusive??? Or something happened???

Curious minds wants to know??


Anonymous said...

Robert is a very well built good looking Muscle guy who also does macho wrestling on the gay wrestling porn site as Drake Davenport. He started in porn over 6 years ago on Dawgpoundusa as a strict top named Pitbull and remained in gay porn always as a tall strict macho muscle top, but working just for fringe studios and sites.

Then this year Robert suddenly started doing versatile scenes with the immediate result that his career has been quickly turbo boosted with the result that he is now working regularly for mainstream Gay sites, with two as you mention wantng him as an exclusive. Also he is getting new lead roles for major studios such as Falcon's recent Dripping Wet 3 dvd, with more such work and appearances to follow. Plus many leading Gay porn sites are giving hi grreat publicity and reviews.

Robert still easiliy retains his strong Macho Black muscle peformer image, but his new versatile aspect really has now given him significant additional work opprotunities in Gay porn.

Earier this year you organized a poll on either you or TigerTyson bottoming and the majority of your fans voted for you to do it. I'm certain that if you did a versatile scene, that your Porn career would also be turbo boosted and re-ignited with new job offers and work opportunitues from major studios & sites

Anonymous said...

What the guy says in the above first comment makes sense. I was concerned for Robet Axel when even though he has an Olympic standard athetlets muscle body, he was reduced to appearing in crazy cheap videos with old men. Now being verse, his career has catapulted with him being mentioned all over the major Gay News sites and Blogs etc.

Diesel why not do a flip flop with Robert and with some other macho guys ? It would certainly get you any work you desire and greatly extend your career.
LOL George.

Anonymous said...


if you bend over and take some dick you will be far more succesful, making lots more money with no down side