Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So we left off at I came back to hotel after hanging out at the Here lounge watching Chi Chi LaRue spining the hits.

I came back to the hotel and went to sleep alone!!(dead tired), I wanted to hit the bed quick, because I planned a day in Hollywood with Wolf Hudson(Looking Forward to that).

Now I was kinda of bored on Sunday and I was waiting for Wolf Hudson to give a call to come and hangout with me....

I really like Wolf and was excited to hang out with him, so I waited around expecting him to call around 11am or so....

It was about 2pm when wolf called me(He over slept)we made plans to meet up at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre and planned to hangout the whole day just talkiing, hanging out and of course getting some footage(we are attention hogs)Here is a Vid of Diesel Washington heading over to meet up with Wolf Hudson

Okay I finally meet up with Wolf and then we walk around the area just taking in the sites and stuff(this is my first time walking through Melrose, Sunset, Hollywood Blvd) I wanted to get as much footage as I can.

So I'm thinking up new posts while walking through and I always wanted to go to Grauman's Chinese Theatre and I will tell ya the reason why:

It might sound cheap, but Don't U ever wonder the Size shoe, and Hand Print of ur favorite star?? Called it being macho or whatever....I'm 6'6 240lbs Big Hands and wear a size 15 shoe and I'm packing like 10in, So there is some truth in the myth "Big Hands or Big Feet or both mean that U have a Big Dick" I threw the idea to Wolf and Wolf was like "I wondered the same thing" I was fuck it!! Let's tape it!!

So is the myth true??

And here it is:

Okay I was in a good mood and I wanted the fans of the blog to see me walking through Grauman's Chinese Theatre Shirtless(no big thing)I wanted that footage!! Who better to get the footage then Director Wolf Hudson(LOL)
Its really some rough footage(but something is something right LOL)

It was blazing hot, and it was a quick thing Anyway....

I had to have a Performer to Performer Interview with Wolf Hudson!!!

Everybody knows my stance on this whole gay for pay crap, And the opinions are varied!! My opinion, U have to be at least Bi sexual....Wheter U identify more with Ur Gay side more or Ur Str8 side..Ur in that Gray space(Does that make sense???Probably not LOL)

I hit Wolf Hudson with some major questions

The Whole Gay4pay thing?
New Performers coming into the Industry
The State of Porn

Whoa!!! We touch on alot of subjects!!! This is going to be a crazy interview, there is even midgets in this interview(I kid U not!!) It's refreshing to sit back and talk to someone that has some much Passion for his work!!King of Kink sits down with Diesel Washington....

What would Two Porn Stars talk about while having a Protein shake??(I know sounds so hollywood LOL).....PORN OF COURSE!!

The Shocking Blog will be posted next!!!!!

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