Tuesday, August 04, 2009

TRIBUTE TO BILLY MAYS (July 20, 1958 – June 28, 2009)

Now if U don't know who Billy Mays is..........Here is a sample.. His first Oxiclean Infomerical

U must have been living under a Rock...Billy Mays was the face and voice of Oxiclean, KaBoom, Awesome Auger, he was one of the best pitchmen in the business. His Kaboom infomerical:

And the Awesome Auger:

If U guys don't know what a pitchman is....

A Pitchman, is A hawker of small wares, as on the streets or at a carnival. One who makes aggressive selling or promotional efforts. One who delivers commercials on radio or television.

That is the Text book version of what a Pitchman is, Pitching an idea or product takes so much skill, effort and energy. I have alot of respect for the Pitchman, the ability to get behind a product or idea and being able to sell that product or idea to millions of people is almost like having a super power.

The only tools that a Pitchman has is their Face, Voice, Hands, Body Language and they have to use all of them at once to hold a person's attention, convey a message and make the audience interested in the product.

When I was a kid growing up I used to go to the Car shows here in NYC and there was always Pitchmen that sold products at the Car Show, wheter it was Kitchen tools, cleaners, towels, bah bah bah. I would be amazed to see the shows that these Pitchman would do for Tips from the audience and see how many units these Pitchmen would sell.

In the Sex Industry, Pitchmen would be the "Pimps" it sounds funny but its the truth!!! Pimps had a product(Hookers)and would sell them on every street corner because it was a product, it was the Law of Supply and Demand!! Pimps used colorful language and the basic theme was Sell Sell Sell(That Ass and Pussy)

Back to Billy Mays..... this man was a selling machine...He had the look, the character and the Voice.

Alot of People didn't realize that Billy Mays was a Character, he had the Classic Blue shirt on(Which gave impression that he was the Average hardworking man) Tan Chino pants(Dressy but Casual at same time) White T-shirt under the Blue Shirt(When the work became tough, the blue shirt came off, showing White Tee, Classic Hard worker, besides it covered his chest hair LOL) And his signature Beard(it was almost like that was his Mask to hide his secret identity) I'm no Bear chaser, but I could see how the Bear Community(Heavy Set, Hairy Men)would go Ape shit over this Pop Icon.

Billy Mays was a PitchMan that everybody could look up to, he wasn't that greasy Used car salesman kinda of Pitchman. He brought class to the Pitchmen, before people believed that Pitchmen were these snake oil selling types, quick talking, using smooth lines with always something to sell. Billy made it into a Art Form, he used a character, who wore a Uniform, had a certain Voice tone and had a hard hitting Pitch that caught ur attention. U may not recogize him but u saw his infomericals and remembered his voice.

This post is a tribute to Billy Mays.... yeah it's kinda of late doing.... but I always wanted to do a verison of Billy Mays selling something....

So here is Diesel Washington as Billy Mays selling...... of course Diesel Washington!!!

The Youtube is for all the New models coming into the Industry looking for work!! Instead of Ass kissing on ur blogs looking for work, or mass emailing companies looking for work. U might as welll make an Infomerical and get ur point across that way... Instead of all the Ass kissing online for work.

More Billy Mays here is the Gansta Verison of Billy Mays
Very Funny vid

Before Billy Mays passed he was challenged by Vince ShamWow guy Vid here

Billy Mays was one of a Kind and speaks his mind:

So U new bloggers out there......U can't touch me!!! I write this blog for entertainment and try different things!!! U guys have a long way to go to match me for blogs.




Cleaved Soul said...

LOL Love the pitch Diesel!!

Anonymous said...

Diesel as Billy was pretty fantastic. I'm sold!

Nice tribute to Billy Mays.

ReggieH said...

If only you had put on the Billy Mayes Blue Shirt in your video, it would have been a perfect Mayes Pitch!:)