Monday, August 17, 2009


Okay I was in LA over the weekend and what a weekend it is.......

I had a chance to Network, Work, Party and then go Site seeing... One weekend is not enough time to take in LA. I need at least a week in LA to see everything. Opportunities for work were everywhere!!!.

In a Nutshell, the basic summary of the trip:

I touched down Thursday night(feeling broke from flight)as soon as I hit West Hollywood. I dropped my stuff at the Hotel and then hit up the Hot spots. I headed over to Mickey's and then the O Bar(U heard that already)I stopped by the UnZipped Office(U saw that) I then had some business to handle the rest of Friday Day/Night(Escorting)and Bright early Saturday I worked on the Hush Hush Project....

It was Long.....Very Long....but I worked as hard as I could to get the project done. I'm excited about the finished project and can't wait for people to see it...

I then went to "Industry" hangout with other the Porn Stars, then went to a Post production party for LA Zombie with Bruce La Bruce, I then headed to Here Lounge to see Chi Chi spinning the hits that night.

Next Day I went Site Seeing with Wolf Hudson, hit up some of the Hot Spots in Hollywood and that was the trip.

It may sound boring.....but I had my camera the whole time I was down there and I was filming at every party I attended.

So I have some great footage of Behind the Scenes of my Hush Hush project..... I have footage of Mister Sagat, Wolf Hudson, Chi Chi LaRue, Cameron Marshall, Cameron Adams, Lucky Daniels, Phillip Ashton, Ryan Raz and so many others.

I just need time to edit everything and then I can put up the Vids

Bear with me, I had to film it, edit it, and post it.

I enjoy filming, and I love to be behind the camera for a change!

Anyway stay tuned for the Footage!!

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