Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Does every Porn Star have a fucking blog now???!!!???

Geez.... Okay Okay!!! U get it!! To be a porn star not only do ya have to be interesting on screen, but u have to network like a motherfucker!!! Use every media form out there to get Ur name out there.

But I'm sick and tired of these bullshit blogs...Oh Man!! There is nothing there but Promotions and endless model shoots after models shoots(Okay, People like the Pictures!granted!!) I don't know whats real in the blogs anymore. Is this a Look into Ur Real Lives or Bits and pieces of Ur Porn character????(Confusing Yes)But more power to anybody that can commit to writing a blog and be open and honest nowadays!! It's like a breathe of fresh air to read another porn star's blog, where they Vent and see the world for what It really is...(Sometimes Cruel and Fucked, But it's a Living!)

It's interesting to see the angle that some Porn Stars take on their blog.... Some are Sluts, and they relish on the details of Hook Ups, One Night Stands and the Various Sex Romps!! Some are deeply serious and expose the pitfalls of the Porn Industry......The Party Monsters!!!... Simple Promotion blogs....and the worst in the Lot...Up and Cummers!!

I will excuse alot of things when it comes to blogs(Grammar, Spelling, Lack of Pictures)but what I can't stand is..... FAKE, INSINCERE and Blogs that have no Depth!!! The use of a blog is for showing a glimpse into Ur Life(or all of it!!) We are all Attention whores!! Whoever can't admit that they like the attention in doing porn is really lying to themselves!! We play the front, like We don't like the attention...But deep down We love it. Most would say, We like the "Good Attention"(From the Guys and Girls that We are into) as opposed to the bad attention(Those Guys and Girls who We are Not attracted to)But nevertheless attention is Attention!!! We will take it in all forms!!

It wasn't too long ago.... when the really first Big Youtube hit the Internet and It was known as "The Kiss" It was set to Music with Francesco D'Macho and Francois Sagat

And then It took off like Wild fire!!! with Francois Sagat doing the Now Famous Britney..

And then everybody started doing the Britney thing.......and it started this chain of Porn Stars doing Youtubes, Xtubes, Dudetubes bah bah bah..

Blogging was an added feature to this..... Of course there were blogs and journals before this... But the New Generation of Porn Star, saw this emerging and grabbed onto it so strongly..... It has become the staple of what a Porn Star is!! Not only do ya get naked in front of the camera, but now u have to show more of Yourself to the fans and consumers of the products. It now has become a business...

I still love blogging because It allows me to Vent and get my Ideas out there!!! At the same time, I have my own little space online!!! I take my blog very serious and at the same time, I have fun with it!!

Here is a good story I like to share:

I have a very open relationship with my Mother(She came to Porn Awards) she knows everything that I do, and I'm happy that I have a Mother that supports me highly!!! My Grandmother is another story...

Well she knows that I'm a Porn Star but that is about it... She doesn't ask too many questions about it.... Growing Up I haven't had the strongest relationship with my grandmother(On My Mothers Side)I love my Grandmother!! But I never had the chance to really connect with her at the same time. Just recently, I went over to my Mother's house to visit her and my Grandmother(came to Visit from South Carolina). We were eating dinner and was watching TV.... My grandmother turns over to me and asks Me if I ever watched the show "Project Runway" I was like, "I watch the Show"(Huge Fan really)We turned on the New Season of "Project Runway"and We laughed and laughed, talked about past shows and designers, at that moment I felt such a strong connection with my Grandmother!!! I always viewed Her as a Grandmother!!And only that!!(Sounds strange I know) I felt so bonded to my Grandmother, I started to cry alittle bit...

I know that doesn't sound Manly at all!!! But my grandmother is 82 and I only viewed my grandmother as my Elder and my Mothers Mom!!! My grandmother is very guarded with her feelings, she is very strict!! I never viewed Her as a person!!(Sounds weird I know) She is my Grandmother!!! It's like We can't view Our parents as People either, who had lives, and experiences before being Our Mother or Father. It's the same difference....

Anyway... I want to Say I LOVE YA GRANDMOM!!!!So anytime I put on "Project Runway" in the back of my head, I know my grandmother is watching the show at the same time.

Moving on......

I start working on this Indie Movie on Sunday and Monday coming up!! I had a chance to talk to the director and look over the script. I have my character ready. So I will be putting in some time at the gym and getting ready for that role as well... I'm excited, the idea was pitched to me like three months ago and they are working hard on this project!!! I will of course have some behind the scene footage... some of the Cast and Crew!!

So I will keep ya posted on that!!!

I will be Hosting a Gig at Splash coming soon!!! I will have more details about that coming soon!!!

Hmmmmm? What else?

Well I have to hit up the gym!!! I will post more later!!!


Ray Avito said...

Can't wait for you to post about your film project! I'm all curious now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Diesel. I enjoy reading your blog. It's kind of a guilty pleasure. But I'm curious as to why you hate on "new" people to the industry so much? Every profession has new people. As old people move out, new people move in. That's just the circle of life. You seem to look down on new guys and you speak very condesendingly about them. Actually, it makes you sound bitter and jealous. Then at the opposite end of the spectrum, you are so over the top with people like Francois Sagat and Wolf Hudson. It's kind of sickening the way you worship them.

In regards to blogging, it just marketing. Why be critical of new bloggers. It was not that long ago that you were a "new" blogger. Why hate on them?

Anyway, I'm not much of commenter, but this just hit a nerve today.

I know that you are trying to make a mark on the porn world. I hope that you find the success that you long for and I hope that you can do it in a more positive way.

Diesel Washington said...

I haven't done this in awhile, but here goes. I talk down to New guys or New bloggers, because the blogs they write are not really blogs but rather Promotion blogs. It's filled with nothing but Wish lists, donation tabs, so in truth they are asking fans for money, because they did a couple of porns, so basically they want to get paid for writing. That is their choice of course. But I won't support it.

And some of the new guys coming into the Industry have no respect. Instead of working hard and earning that respect. They expect everything to be handed to them without putting in the work.

Sagat and Wolf??? Call it worshipping if U want, I call it showing Respect to Performers that have put their time in and earned my respect.

Anonymous Ur on the other side of the coin, U look for the New models that come into the Industry(To jerk off to). Everybody who is new in the Industry is new eye candy to ya. I work this business, so when I see newbies with no respect and asking for handouts, I get annoyed.

Now grow some balls and stop posting anonymous....CUNT

Anonymous said...

When you say respect, what exactly do you mean? Repect what? Respect who? The industry and the kingpins that rule the industry don't respect the performers. You yourself make that argument on a regular basis. As it is today, and when the economy was better, the studios made money and the performers starved. Performers make little money, have exclusive contracts that don't amount to much (money or security), no health insurance, no benefits, no retirement, promise of future work that rarely materializes.

Respect you? Respect you for what? For trash talking anyone who came into the industry after you or that also happens to be younger than you. Respect is earned. And you have to give respect to get respect.

Respect porn as an art form? Some may view some porn as art, but it's just a business. But what it really sounds like is that you are blaming younger and newer talent for your lack of work. Or maybe you view yourself the "senior statesman" of porn? Well, if that's the case, that would be a role of someone that has a legacy.

Unfortunately for you, blogs don't come with rules. A blogger can write about whatever he desires. Bloggers don't need filters, editors or permission.

Popular blogs have followers, others don't. It's just that simple.

To your credit, you have followers, and your blog has achieved some noteriety. Don't hate.

You hold up the industry to such great esteem. But in terms of the people that make industry rock, the performers, the crew, the staff...in a lot of ways you are victims of the industry.

But the industry regenerates itself with new studios, new internet companies, new performers, mergers, take-over...you name it. As the industry regenerates itself, you can either catch the next wave or you can't. Doors will open for you or they won't.

I guess my previous post hit a nerve. But, I'm sure you will carry on.


The Cunt

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Gummi Bare said...

I'm a new reader.

Great blog.