Sunday, February 22, 2009


HIP HOP AND TIME AFTER TIME!!!! Oh I will be waiting!!!!!!(to get the Joke watch the Vid)

Okay so here is the deal.... I arrive in Las Vegas(no bags just carry on) and Barrett and crew are in Tow. The Players, Rod Daily(I will write a special blog about him)Joe(White Trash Hottie)Mike(Co Director)Barrett and now the Truck is packed.

When I meet people for the first time there is always that Quiet time when everybody gets to know each other(that awkward shit). I met Mike before at the Rentboy Pool Party at Blue Moon early Jan of this year. Rod Daily I never met ..but I was familiar with his work(we are in the same Movie Asylum)I always thought this guy was good looking so it was cool to "Hangout". Joe I had never met before, this is one of barrett's boys that he brought up with him to help out with the production.... I found myself being oddly attracted to the Double Wide Trailer boy(Inside Joke teasing in good way)I don't get it??? Moving on.......

I'm in Vegas, and its time to party!!!! We get over to the Blue Moon Resort and unpack(I throw my bag in the room and back in Lobby all in 5mins)and look for the rest of the people. We were all on the same page...It was time to hit the town, get supplies and cigars(cigars???)some booze and let loose....

I was not prepared for the night, that was ahead of Us to face. But Fuck it Lets get it on!!! Joe was rubbing me the wrong way at first, I don't How to Say it, It was like He was sizing me up!! Just because I do Porn doesn't Mean that I cant Kick some Ass. As he found out(The Hard Way)after he was slammed hard on the bed and his eyes bugged out of his face. It takes time for people to warm up to me, I look mean, alittle twisted but I think those are good things. Moving on......

Dazed and Confused are good words to describe what was going on with Us. And Day 1 was spent partying and getting ready for the work ahead.

Some of the Cast didn't arrive yet, so things were moving slowly. But I clicked with Most of the guys within Mins....Esp with Joe and Rod.

Anyway its only Day 1, there is so much time for alot of things to happen.

Stay Tuned!!

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