Sunday, February 22, 2009


Okay we are back with the supplies and everybody is ready to party.... still missing is Kirk Cummings, Dean Cox, and Cameron Adams they will be on set tommorrow ready to Rock and Roll.
So its time to take a Drink or Two, A Smoke or Two, and let the Madness start!!!

Now U People need to know, Im in a Hotel with Drinks and smokes, so U will never know How hard it is to film, when all u want to do is grab some bubble ass or get some head. Its a party!!!! U have no Idea, What its Like having a Room Full of Pornstars who are partying......Well now U have some Idea of what goes on.....

The one doing the filming was Lance Howard(I had to be in it)so the narration was done by Mister Gay Pants(I mean it in love LOL)

Its Still Day 1 and the party is about to start ITS ON NOW!!

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