Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This was my Roughest Fuck Up to date!! Look at the Look on that Boy's Face.......Priceless...

I already put up the review but read the best part....

The fucking gets even steamier before the scene concludes, with Diesel completely turning out his young charge.... by Mannet.com

Rhodes has another great scene flip-flopping with with Leo Giamani, but it's the pairing of Diesel Washington and Ryan Raz that is an instant classic. As a security guard, Washington shows up in Raz's room where he is chained to the floor. Washington is lugging a sack full of huge dildos and after Raz run's around the room begging to be penetrated, Washington actually starts throwing dildos at him. Yes, it's like bottom target practice.

Thanks Fleshbot www.fleshbot.com/gay

Now U Heard about the Power Fucking of Diesel Washington...

Now another Side of Diesel Washington:

HARD CHOICE AWARDS Most Passionate Sex(Wow!!)


Most Passionate Sex
Diesel Washington & Eric Moreau, Double Standard, Titan Media (composite photo #3)
Runners-up: Tom Chase & Brad Patton, Couples III, COLT Studio; Vinnie D'Angelo & Logan McCree, The Drifter; Dean Flynn & Eric Moreau, Fun House, Titan Media; Mitch Branson & Eric Valentin, Inside Out, COLT Studio

I'm shocked!!!! Finally!!!!! I thought my Scene in Double Standard was just lost and forgotten....

I put my Heart and Soul into scenes and its good that U can be rewarded for Ur efforts. Now the Funny part for me is that I'm being recognized for the Most Passionate Sex. Since I'm always Known for Power Fucking... All the Time.

I tried to Show A different Side for this Movie.. I wanted to Scale Back the Hardcore Image and show some Seducing bah bah bah....(Read the Blog)


Thanks to the Guys that voted for my Scene. Onan the Vulgarian
With Harley Shadow

Most Passionate Sex Wow!!!

Look it Up People!!!

I'm always criticized for my Power Fucking!!! People think that's All I can do!! Wrong I got some Skills People..

FYI That was the Hardest Shoot I have ever done!!! Bringing down my Intensity, and working with a Aggressive Bottom!! Who was a Pretty Boy at that!!! Anyway Big Shout to Eric(scene partner)..... Not to sound cocky.. But I do think I look Damn good in that Shower... and having the ability to play a different style.. Shows that I'm a Performer(Maybe not Performer Of the Year!!)and its good that I was nominated for Performer of the Year by GAYVN's(Thanks Alot!!)

Nominated for Best Top at GAYVN'S I'm trying to show ya people I can Power Fuck ya!!! Or I can Switch it Up and be that Big Ole Teddy Bear that Ur Looking to See!!
That to me, Is the definition of a Good Top(Hopefully enough to Win Best Top LOL)

Now I still have to go back and finish writing the blogs of my Las Vegas Trip!! I have alot of pictures and Vids to post so I have to work alot this week to make sure everything is out!!


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