Monday, January 17, 2011


You want to reveal my real name???

Whats my real name Tre Xavier, you piece of trash???

I'm done with your grand standing...

I went to your crappy poetry reading and AIRED OUT YOUR ASS!!

Do not lie to people, that last post was utter trash and BIG FAT LIE!!!

Your not even a blogger now!! How are you going to lie to people like that???

I got a letter from the guys who worked at the center and posting it right here!!!


Your appearance at Men of Colors Together's presentation of Tre Xavier's reading of his poetry piece The Industry gave the evening a very heated and well received closing. I wish there had been more time for a lengthier debate. MACT extends an open invitation for you to give your own presentation on "the industry."

However I would like to clarify one point in your January 11, 2011, blog entry "SMACKING A BITCH!! DIESEL WASHINGTON STYLE!" You wrote "16 people were there at 5 bucks a piece he made 80 for two hours work!!" Tre was not compensated for his performance. The money collected went to MACT to help offset the cost of the room rental.

Wishing you continued success.

Yours in Pride,

I removed "Stans" full name for security reasons
MACT/NY Cochair

Look at this letter, Tre Xavier rented out the room himself so he can put on his own poetry reading. He was not invited to read his poems, he went through this whole smoke and mirrors to make himself look big! But the real fact is that he is living inside his own crazy head, thinking he is more popular then he really is..

That is sad!!

Even the guys at HIS reading back everything I said in my post about the evening. I have no respect for you Tre.


I went to your own event to call you out personally.........

Say what you want bro, your a fucking liar!!


Anonymous said...

My dear Friend, you know I admire you, and you know I support you, my friend, do not waste your time and words on that poor vermin, first, because that crap is trying by all means give the press and how no one gives it to him, then you click to you do it.
Do not fall into his web, in my country to these people we say "mal cogidos" or translated into English "bad fucked" because there is no(sorry, for the expression) dick that they fit properly.
I send a big hug from Buenos Aires.
I hope someday you visit my country to greet you in person.

With love...Adrian.-

JJ said...

Hey Diesel,

Shout out from Sydney.

Forget about the negative stuff people say about you.

Don't let let the haters get you down.

Focus on what you do, and what you do well.