Tuesday, January 31, 2006

To my fans, friends i have updated my blog with new pics taken last night. I was at the gym and decided to bring my camera and when i was done with the gym i went home and took some more pics of myself. I think my training is paying off and i took alot of pics and added them here cause i think the fans would like to see more of me. I will also take some more pics later this week and add some of my favorite workout pics here. So to all the other guys out here. Step up ur game, get our body looking right and show and prove. I was so bored taking the pics(and yes i take all my own pics except the pics taken at the gym hard to lift and take pics) So enjoy the new pics i put up. My favortie pic is this one above taken at the gym last night its my best lift ever in this pic im shoulder shrugging 765lbs(goal is 800) I will have more pics soon but for now take a look and enjoy, Soon I will be taking some pics with a Professional Photographer but until then have fun with these.

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