Monday, July 11, 2011


Sorry I haven't been updating my blog....

I have been traveling around for the last couple of weeks and sometimes I don't have the energy to write a post.

Traveling has been hard, so far the cities I have visited were NYC(home base) Boston(Joey Boston) Washington DC, Philly....

I have other cities to add to the tour but I have been in Boston about four times helping Joey Boston get things ready for the trip. Its not easy leaving the people you LOVE to go and travel the U.S. I miss Momma Washington and Joey Boston misses all his friends back home. Money has been good, but there seems to be not enough time to Sight see in any city that We are in, basically I have been staring at Hotel walls trying to get more and more clients.

Some people have sent me applications for joining the Whore Tour, but I haven't had a chance to contact anybody and picking another person to travel is very tricky.

I have learned alot about myself on these trips and when u travel with someone you get to know them VERY WELL!! I have always said I'm not easy to get along with, so Joey Boston has his hands full!!

Joey Boston is not a saint either and it taking Me a long time to find a way to connect on a deeper level. I mean I know he has my back and I will protect him as well. But sometimes when your with a person 24/7 you tend to get on each others nerves alot. I think its healthy to spend some time apart and sometimes DO YOUR OWN THING. We have gotten into fight after fight but at the end of the day We are running a business..

The slogan is "Getting Money" so sometimes you have to put differences aside and see the bigger picture. I have grown to like Joey Boston alot!!! Who knows?? We will see what happens down the road....

Anyway a quick post to let the fans know I'm still alive and the tour is still going on...

I will be in a city close to you soon, Hope to see you all!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Diesel, is good to hear from you again. Since your last postings were as melancholy and sad, I just hoped your mood would have improved a little, because you've been busy with work and not get caught in its grip, the sadness.
With respect to what you comment on the leave behind for quite some time to the affections, it is true that everyone always misses his loved ones when you're away, but it's very nice, the time when one undertakes a return to home, knowing that there are affections which is the containment, the known, that some confidence that one tends to wonder when you're away and felt nostalgic.
I loved to read you again, and have news from you again.
Take care and I wish you good trips and have fun and good times with people who love you well.
A big hug from Buenos Aires.

Adrian .-

Anonymous said...

Hey Deisel Slim Thug bottoms for the first time on film...when are you gonna follow suit & give the fans what they wanna see???

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and you sound like a really intelligent guy who has it together. Can I just ask one favor...PLEASE stop making "a lot" one word..."alot." There's no such word as "alot"...I swear. Thanks.