Saturday, November 03, 2012


Okay Kids you got Me in a good mood,

I'm down with Drake Jaden(who I always been wanting to work with)  Let's put it this way...

Alot of Sexual tension...well let me back track,

I'm in Fort Lauderdale if I didn't say in a earlier post, and I went out to the Manor out here(wanted to have some drinks) and some how We decided to have a Slut Off I shit you not I mean really I think I'm getting alittle too old for this shit and at the same time I'm like


Day 1.  Chilling in the house and just watching TV nothing big and just munching away at food(sorry no sex here) We huddled up and set out for "Manor", I never been to this club and since the weekend was crazy and thinking about home and knowing that my lights and shit is still not together I just wanted to go out and have alittle fun which turned into this Slut Off...

Now at the club the slut control was kept at a respectable rate, alittle flirting and I was good.  I'm not leaving with anybody and doing the whole stalking the bathroom area was a bit tiring(Back in the days) but if you get a few drinks into Me, "Who knows what will happen?"

I'm getting alittle Old for this Shit!

That keeps running through my head, every time I hangout.....

Soooooo...after dancing my ass off(LITERALLY) We decided to take a Visit to the Bathhouse, because they have really good "Gym Equipment" over there... So yeah, Have to run out, Part 2 coming soon

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