Monday, November 19, 2012


by Diesel Washington

I go to a party(mixed)there always is that one guy that gives you that strange look, you smile they smile back and you engage in a short conversation.  Later that night at party you see him standing around looking at his phone with a bunch of people and they are watching a Vid.  It just happens that the Vid they are watching is of you drilling red head Steven P from the Titan in the movie "Telescope" yeah awkward...

Very seldom do I go to gay clubs, and there is a reason for that.  It's seems that at the same exact moment I have to take a piss, ten other guys have to take one at the same time.  I'm not a prude but I'm not a bathroom talker:

Some guys come go into the bathroom and starting talking about sports and the day when standing at the urinal..I'm not one of those guys, I do the quick chat until I'm out of the bathroom.  If you have to discuss business or something important, then you do the WALK outside thing.  Maybe its Me... I'm crazy..

Maybe it's the director in Me, but every time I go some where new and I love the backdrop, I always think filming a porn scene would be awesome. Forget enjoying the moment...

Wow I could shoot from this angle, and We could put lights over here. I could have the guys fucking over there(Or I could be fucking the guys over there) Group scene over there, or a nice threesome overlooking the trees.. Yeah it has gotten bad...

When you start dating a guy, when is it right to tell them that you do porn?? For that matter, what if you starting dating women? What would you tell them. "Hey, just letting you know I used to do porn back in the days, but I direct now" "So yeah....Your looking good tonight.."

These are for the newbies.....

I wonder how many people will find out I'm doing porn now?

I hope my scene is huge and everybody knows my name, check out my scene on had to diss)

Why am I not getting enough press??

Why am I not getting roles like that model(insert name)?

I have to make sure I tweet at least 5 cock pics a day plus two booty pics for extra insurance.

Thinking about getting my eyebrows done(Topher free please)

Need to invest in good Coconut body lotion and some Vitamin E and some good tanning, that will clear some of the Back acne from all the steroids.

Looking at all the other guys, Why work out so hard?? That guy is a star and his body is So so...

Who do I have to fuck around here to get some more roles??

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