Thursday, November 01, 2012


Well that last post was different...... As I said before, I have an Ex lover who will not give Me the closure I desire. In response I have become very jaded and bitter. I lash out at my Ex saying the most hateful stuff I could ever think of. I feel bad calling him every name in the book, and pulling from their past experiences and then throwing them in their face(NASTY STUFF). They will not release Me and for that reason. I'm not liking myself and as far as being able to move on in my romantic life. NOT HAPPENING!! I'm one of those guys that need that validation, I felt that I was being lied to the entire time of the relationship. So I'm real Bitter!! Anyway..... To help ease the pain, I have jumped in the middle of work constantly. Speaking of work I'm headed back to Fort Lauderdale for more filming and pleased to say... We are filming Matthew Rush and Robert Axel..... Wow!! Yeah so that will be a huge scene to add to "Hard Wire" I know what everybody is thinking "When is Hard Wire coming out?" Hey we keep adding new scenes to the project and at this point this project has become HUGE!! I never thought that I would so many Big names and really good actors to tell the story that I'm putting together. At least I have work on my mind to help Me forget about my Love life which is a complete MESS. Oh well, a quick post for the fans.

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