Sunday, July 19, 2009


These are old cock pics, I put them back up to prove a point...Follow with me!! I have a Big Dick that goes without saying. I think I have a nice looking dick!! My dick even won an grabby award for being Hottest Cut Cock for 2008 which leads me into this story.

I'm broke and beaten down.........

Now I know what Ur thinking....but it's not that!!

My body is so fucked up right now, Ouch!! Ouch!!Ouch!!! First off the bat I got a spider bite on my back.....And if anybody had a spider bite, they know its hurts!!! The fucked up part its right on the I'm sore all over my shoulder. Damn!!! It's annoying at night cause I can't roll over without being in pain.

Then the Bite!!! In the heat of passion, while receiving head from a playmate, my dick was bitten(really tooth scrape)NOOOOOONOOOOOO!!! So I'm handing that pain at the same time!!

Speaking of the dick, I have to deal with Friction burns!!! I always use lube... this time around I couldn't find EROS(its so good)so I had to deal with KY jelly. Going from Eros to Ky jelly is a no no!! What made matters worse, the client that I was "Working with" was jerking my dick like I was Uncut!!! The client is Uncut so I think they are used to a certain way of jerking off. Most of my clients are worked out muscle heads so their hand grip is alittle tighter than normal(Ouch)

Then to Top it off!!! I have an Ingrown hair in my pubic hair region!!!

So its a wrap!!! I'm laying low for a few days because the body needs to repair itself.....

The greater Pain in all of this, I can't escort with my dick beat up(bite mark,ingrown hair)WHICH SUCKS MAJOR!!! Since I can't be as "Active" as before I have introduced Massaging into the Mix(still toying with the idea)I have to keep my Hustle going regardless.

But the tour is on hold for some weeks!! I don't think I can take just giving "Massages" on the road.

I have to go to hospital and get checked out!! From the bite(just to make sure)and there is nothing I can do about the ingrown hair. Fuck!! I have to wait for that to heal, and then friction burns.

This week has been a pain in the ass for me.....Luckily I had a very very profitable week. So I can take some time off just to Lick my Wounds!!!

Spider bite, Bite Mark, Friction Burn, Ingrown hair......

I don't know why I even writing this??? It's so personal!!.....

I have always shared my experiences with the fans. Is this going too far??? Who knows??? Not many porn stars would share this with their fans. I have always tried to be real with the Fans and Supporters.... it's not all about Glam and Lights!!

So U think its easy to have a huge dick?????

This hasn't been the first time my dick has gotten scraped by teeth..... It's a given that someone will either graze, scrape, bite, or nick Ur dick. It can be as minor as the area being sensitive to full on cut. When Ur face fucking someone so hard and thrusting Ur body into it....Ur going to end up hitting a tooth along the way.....

Now this is funny..... I get alittle nervous when someone first gives me a blow job..... I see my dick going into their mouth, and I'm thinking to myself "Please don't have any sharp teeth, or an overbite, or long canine teeth, or braces, or cheap dentures, loose fillings, faulty bridge work bah bah. LOL Everybody wants to suck my dick!!LOL

Almost every gay man thinks he gives the best head!!! U hear it all the time "U never had a BJ like mine" "I never had complaints" "I'm told I give the Best Head" Or the classics "I'm A Cock Whore!!" "I give the Best Head!!" In any case, U hear all the hype and a BJ is a BJ. A blow job in the gay community is more like a Handshake nowadays!!! Nice sucking ya!! Right back at ya, dude!!

Bad Blow jobs......... We have all had them!!!

I hate when someone chews on my dick, its the most annoying feeling and doesn't do anything for me. Teeth come into play when People try to deep throat my dick, it's like they are forcing it into their throat but at the same time their jaw is drawing dangerously close to my shaft. So slowly I'm becoming NOT a fan of blow jobs(they are foreplay to me)

Now this is just a personal thing for me. When Ur business is Ur cock(besides body, looks oh and Mind LOL)and have to keep daily maintenance on Ur dick. Things happen!!! And this is just a minor setback!!

I remember a few times in the past I couldn't escort or film when receiving a Zipper accident..... Every male has went through that zipper accident!! U can't work!!

Just so the sequence of events makes sense to the fans:

I got the Spider bite first, it didn't hurt until days later, second came the bite mark. I still had clients to do (roughly 4)that I couldn't cancel on(Flew in)so I sucked up the pain and informed the clients of the accident. I wore a condom for oral(protection for me)and was able to get by without any Anal.

The Friction burns came from using a Non Lubricated condom, which was too small for me, and going from silicone lube to a water based one, then getting a hand job from someone who is jerking my dick like I'm uncut and has tons of foreskin to play with.

Then to wake up in the morning....with an ingrown hair(I get these because of my coarse pubic hair)so my dick and the surrounding area is broken, beat up, scarred, and damaged!!

Don't worry about me though!!! I made a nice stash(that I won't spend)to help out in case things get rough!!!

So yeah!!! It's not the glam stuff that most porn stars would talk about. In those guys eyes, U don't put anything on Ur blog that isn't flattering for yourself. I'm the opposite, I'm a Human train wreck!!! That Porn star is a God thing, I'm so not into... We are People like everybody else!!! I have issues like anybody. I have baggage like anybody!!! I'm slightly Crazy!! Bi polar some might say!!

But isn't it refreshing that someone speaks from the heart and a place that is honest rather then the Guy:

That will only put up the best pics of themselves

Never show any type of emotion on their blogs

Never ending Promotion(done in a way that is entertaining)

Can't make fun of themselves

Everything is so super professional its almost annoying

And everything in their Life is Perfect!!!

I give U the fans the Lows and Highs of this Diesel Washington Character!!

Anyway time to go....I have to put cream on the bite, lotion on the friction burns, wash the pubic hair(yet again to be clean) and then I have some drops for the spider bite that I apply 4 times daily!!

Don't worry the Dick will be back!!! I plan on fucking forever!!!

But this will be interesting for more relying on my dick. I don't have the urge or need for sex. So I have to fall back on this thing they call..............



Anonymous said...

Damn. Photos have turned me right on...

radbear67 said...

I could be a jerk and say, "That's just part of the sex biz," but I really do sympathize. Spider bites can be dangerous (depending on the spider) and dick bites are truly painful. Sometimes these "little" things can be much more unpleasant than mere description suggests. HOWEVER: Your current pain and annoyance are a far cry from serious stuff like AIDS, STDs, homelessness, and a dozen other miseries I could mention. By all means share your experiences, be candid and let off as much steam as you can, but let's all keep our perspective. Get better, soon.
P.S.: Some people like massage; it's not that bad an idea, although a whole tour might be... disappointing.

jeffnumberone said...

I'd love to give you a blow job after you healed!! I guess I don't give THE BEST head but I do give some good head.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ed...btw while I think of it u should probably trade mark your character name...??..
Yep get the spider bit checked out..I think u could get it infected etc...plenty of hot water in the shower...had one on me foot a while back..odd itchy feeling..ingrown hair there! far out dunno.. hot water I guess see BJ just massage...mmm on the right track..forces u to find other ways to arouse etc...ages ago I was tongue tickled/licked on chest belly slowly down from nipples mate..till u know what...have a think about it have a go etc..done right it gets your whole body going just from that....Be an Explorer!!..another idea up close and personal..?? doing the tongue tickley thing for/to you would be an interesting mmm position/role to have..done right u should get a body spasm type peak..neat fun..hehe.Have Fun!!...Rgds..Laurie

Anonymous said...

ooops best done wet btw..and light touch...Regards..Laurie

Anonymous said...

speaking of character.... since you love comics, why not make diesel and dexter into comics?

That Dude J said...

YO...I think there's a spider surge in the city. I literally JUST got bit the other day. Thought it was a passing scar but I'ma have to see the Dr. this week. No insurance right now either, waiting on my supp. ins. to kick in since I got laid off, BOO. But definitely hope you saw the doc. Damn bugs! And I like spiders!