Tuesday, July 14, 2009


And simple stuff such as this is entertaining..

The price of a Large McDonald's McFlurry with Caramel on the Bottom... $2.69

• Having your date throw up that large McFlurry all over your cock and leg while deep throating you... PRICELESS!

Hope everyone had as much fun as I did this weekend.
Posted by Nick Moretti ..

I wanted to start this blog with a Catchy title....SAVING THE UNIVERSE...

I just grabbed some images from Online about certain Performers that are single handily saving the Industry because they love It!!! I fucking love this Industry!!! I keep telling ya!!!

This is just a sample!!!

I will still get emails from Friends saying why wasnt my picture up??? Trying to remember all the names and putting it together for a huge post would take forever.

Put it this way...

The Industry is crazy right now.. its the Recession and its hitting hard... Yes People its hitting hard!!

Now this post probably won't make sense to the Fans...

This Post is for the "High Profile Performers":

Lets keep this Industry running, as models we have to make Certain decisions regarding Pride, Finances, and Survival....

I heard a rumor that even Exclusive models will feel the pinch, and might be asked to take reduced scene rates.... I don't know if this is real or not???But..

I'm a Performer..and I know U have certain choices.. Leave free agent, Stay(lower rate), I can't answer that questioin for ya!!! U have to make that decision for Urself. Stay for the Security, Or leave Free agent and Hopefully U have made a big enough name for Urself. Only U will know what's best for ya.

Now to Free agents having to take Lower Scene rates...If u want to work, then u work!! If Ur working on a Project that u believe in strongly ..then do it!! Because of some of my posts, people think Im judging other Porn stars who simply want to work because they need the money....... I have changed my thinking when it comes to that...People have bills to pay and need to survive!!!

When I see families having to move into Motels and hotels and millions of people looking for work... People are working for every single penny they can get. But..

I know that some Producers who are offering lower rates are doing it not to save on the budget of the movie(which is understandable)but just offering lower rates simply because they know there is a recession and "Certain Models" would work for peanuts.

We can all be replaced as models.. and there will be "That model" that will gladly take ur spot for peanuts and have no shame or gulit in doing so.... People are hungry!!!

In a nutshell take what U feel is Fair for you.....

If I had to predict the future of Porn??

Things will be back in order, maybe a year from now???? People will get tired of seeing poorly produced footage on the "Tubes" and People will want quality again over Homemade that everybody seems to be putting up nowadays. Everybody thinks they are porn stars, everybody has a camera, everybody tries to Make it.

The Porn companies have been around for years, yes the techonogly has changed the industry(VOD sites, websites, tubes, Date sharing)....

But people will always come back to quality work though and loyal fans will always buy.

All this is in my Opinion...

Im just a retired performer that keeps up to date with the industry. I worked in the industry bled for it and I want to make sure it's around forever. And I want to make sure that models get what they think is Fair to them.

Nobody will be as honest as me, when it comes to looking at things from the Model's perspective...

Lastly....... I took a Pay cut for doing "What Happens In Vegas" I did it because I had a starring role, my friend was producing it(Barrett Long),and I believed in the Movie..

I took a Pay cut for "Taken to the Lowest Level" just to work for ChiChi.....because I know Chi Chi will make me look like a God on Camera!! And She Did!!!!!

So the Choice is Urs!

Diesel Washington



radbear67 said...

AS always, you bring a sense of reality to the subject. Remember, 95% of SAG is unemployed and they are a union. Show biz is tough. That joke about the guy walking behind the elephant ("What? And leave show business?") has more truth to it than most actors and actresses want to acknowledge. Life is, as usual, tougher for black performers. There is some wonderful talent at work, but it is too often consigned to a "niche market" format and, in times like these, that could be economic death. Thanks for your candor.

Anonymous said...

Ben Jakks, who a few years ago was one of Titanmen's leading headliner Stars has just made a hot comeback movie with Marc Williams.


Anonymous said...

Im getting a feeling that someone we know will be a famous gay pornography agent/manager