Sunday, July 19, 2009


It is not easy coming up with ideas to write about... My sentence structure needs alot of work, and I have to learn to build on ideas, so the reader can be understand..

But since I don't have time for that bullshit! Lets get into talking about Porn things!!

Blake Riley retiring..... great guy, great energy, great body and ass. He will be missed!!

Mister Sagat just coming in with Hits!! His co starring role with Eric Rhodes....HOT!!!

And titan is soon to release Sagat with Matthew Rush!!! HOT!!!

Hands down u are a star!!! We worked on several projects and u came in with ur game face... I highly Respect Ya Mister Sagat!!

To fellow bloggers I have just been in the game for almost 4 years writing this blog called Crimes Against Nature!! It's a bunch of mixed up things, all put on one blog. Diesel floats around this blog, The Editor makes appearances, Dexter DeLarge may be dead??? It talks about the Gay Porn Industry! It's models and somewhat shows the human side of being a model in this business....Mess and all!!

But like everybody else....After I write this post, I turn off my computer and Live Real Life!!

This is just a mere Window of things that go on!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanls for admitting you only want to talk aboout porn. Even the editor does.

Don't you have anything else to talk about?