Sunday, July 26, 2009


Okay I know its kinda gross to put these type of pictures up!! But I did it anyway!! Now I told ya last week that I had a spider bite, ingrown hair(pubes), friction burns and tooth scratch of my dick.......

Here's the update about everything, Lets go to the Ingrown hair, that shit is nasty. I had to go home and really inspect everything and really do a hard look at the damage that I had put my body through. The Ingrown hair was nasty(I will keep saying it), I kept picking at it, and then it became all puss filled. Man that shit hurt!!! Now I had to wait for the hair to come out(at least a longer piece) I pulled out the Kit(First Aid)and got to work, First thing first,I had to go inside of the puss filled bump, and yank out that ingrown hair. Soon as I pulled out the long ingrown hair, puss came flooding out of the bump(sorry for the mental picture but its interesting)I was like damn!!! It was alot of puss!! The yellow thick creamy kind that had lumps in it. Not a pretty sight!! After draining the bump, I cleaned the skin area and treated the wound.(Mother Washington is a Nurse so I learned alot from her and time In Army) After I treated the wound I had to cover it with a sterile gauze and some paper tape(doesn't pull the skin when changing bandage) So that was handled and it has been healing nicely without any skin marks in the Pubic Area! So that is a good thing!! Moving on.......

The Tooth scratch, I have had these before so treating this easy. No bandages, I just make sure I keep the area clean and apply some A &D ointment. The scratch has healed already!! I'm just waiting for the skin area to regain its color again!!! Right now its a light pink! So I figure about another week and the skin will be all healed with it's color back. I went to the doctor's to have it checked out and was told to just keep doing what I was doing and it should be completely healed in 7-10days. So the Dick will be fine and the surrounding area will be fine no problems and no scars or marks.

Now the Horror show the spider bite!! This thing has been the worst thing ever to happen to my back!!! I'm so upset!! All I could do was just sit around(I couldn't lay on my back)sleeping was a major problem, I couldn't work out. After the spider bite I delayed on going to the doctors for several days(had to work), the spider bite got infected!!! I was like OMG!! I can't see my back so I didn't notice what was going on!!! When I went to the doctor.....The Doctor looked at the swollen bump that was on my back, and she was like "Yeah it's Infected!!"!! She(Doctor)noticed alot of spider bites were happening recently(summer time)long story short, she put me on CEPHALEXIN(kill the infection)gave me extra Gauze and some rolls of paper tape(to apply dressings)I have another appointment for drainage(if needed)and just to keep an eye on the area.

The Friction burns was the first thing to heal that was gone in like two days so no problem there!!

The Pics above are of my bandage, and I thought it would be cool so show what the bandage looks like. So there is the huge Gauze bandage on my back, so THIS WAS REAL PEOPLE!!

The Second picture was just to gross out people!! That is one of Gauze bandages after the bump started draining itself!! IT WAS FUCKING NASTY INSIDE(All brown and yellow puss mixed with blood)

So I'm about to kill myself!!! I couldn't do any clients and I cant work out!! So I'm just eating and watching TV, and I hate it!!! I feel fucking useless!!!

Time that is all I need is Time!!!!

The body has to heal itself and then I will come back stronger and ready to hit the tour again hard!!

Its Sunday night, so I figure I will be in the gym for the next three weeks just getting back into shape!! There are always set backs!!

But a Warrior never dies and when he is knocked on his ass, He gets right back up ready for more!!!


Ed said...

Now that´s to much fluid (even for you)..

Then again, hope you get well soon; then again, soon seems quite close it seems.

Greetings from mexico :D

- Diesel WILL save the universe-

Anonymous said...

Dear Ed....told you so about the spider bite...some people just never listen...ah well....comics dvds and TV I guess for u for a few days..all this free advise we give you mate. :) ..anyway trust you are feeling better and have a good break away...Rgds..Laurie

BTW Escorting being illegal over there is kinda old fashioned...its legal in other countries and here too..

radbear67 said...

I am very glad you got some professional medical attention. There is a spider called the Brown Recluse that can cause extremely serious damage, even death, in healthy adults; it's much worse than a widow. From your early description, I was afraid you might have encountered such a bite. It's good to know you are on the mend.