Monday, April 13, 2009


Yuck!!!! I feel like shit today.... I had to work at the Gym(Job)and then comes My workout..Food shopping..Errands all over City!! and doing this....... HungOver!!!

Not the Hottest thing to do..... Alittle Cranky.. But I'm recovering..

Okay I know everybody is sitting in Front of the Computer..Reading this Saying Dish the Dirt...

Well.... I did the Whole Get Drunk and Dazed and Confused Shit!!!! Average... But what was Fun about My Birthday for the First Half..

I Enjoyed the Company of Giovanni Summers..

This UP and Cummer is not a New Face to the Game..but is a rising Star..coming up from the Twink Ranks... Here to Make a Big Splash!!! I was first Introduced to Giovanni Summers via the Internet... No I didn't watch any of his Porns before hand to know What he was about. It was His Bid to Become a Co Host for the Grabbys this year....where I first took notice of Him.

Giovanni is part of the New Wave of Porn Stars that blog/Vlog, Most Entertainers think U just show up on Set, they get the Footage, and Ur Job is Done.. Wrong!!! To be highly successful...U have to be entertaining On Screen and Off.. Using the Internet is to Ur Favor... This whole business runs off People with Character, Personality, Being Outspoken.....(Good/Bad). The Internet can make You A Star nowadays.. Well the Insiders Know that Crap already, moving on......

What is so Refreshing about this Performer, Is that He speaks His Mind... Its so hard to find other Models in the Industry.. That Can be Real... If U are asked Ur Opinion, then I think U should speak freely.... Even though I have My differences with M.L.(for Instance) I still respect a Man that speaks His Mind!!! I hate the PC shit and trying not to hurt People's Feelings when Ur Honest Opinion is Asked!!! Dish the Shit.... I always Say!! If U don't Like Someone, don't try to pretend that U like them!! That Is Fake!!!

Anyway I'm rambling let Giovanni Summers speak for Himself, Oh his Stats, 5'9, 130lbs 7.5in cut, Versatile.. Ital/Pr Insane Bubble Ass.....

LOL, I thought I would put up his Stats, I know I have been slacking on giving the Overall Picture of things. He's Shy at First, and then the Beast comes out of him.


Anyway back to the Interview.... Lets Get Right Into It Ur thoughts On the Haters!!!

Take that U Haters!!! So lets clear up all the Rumors(If there are any?)

My Fave Word GutterBunnies..... What are ya thoughts about the GutterBunnies???

Well its no Surprise that I don't like Ben Andrews(Featured on Cunt List) Who Do Ya not get along with????

His Thoughts on Brent Corrigan......

Wow!!!! A very Powerful Interview!!! I like this Kid alot..... When asked the hard questions He delivers right on time....

Okay Say what U want.... Its Caddy!! Bitchy!!! Whatever!!! His Views are His Own!!! I enjoy Company around Me that doesnt Bullshit...Or play the Fake West Hollywood bullshit and get caught Up in Fame, Glamour and all that Fake Pretentious Asshole Crap!!! He gets it!!! Its mostly a game of Who Can Stand Up the Most???? Meaning that someone Can respect your opinion or move on....U being honest, doesnt mean that Ur being hateful or jealous of someone... Ur just saying, Flat Out I dont like this Person because of Some Reason that maybe You and that Person only knows!! Shit I see it All the time....

Some People call me an Asshole because I see through the Bullshit.... I hate game players and people that are Users!!!! Im Old School, A Man's Word means alot to Me.... If Ur Word means nothing...then Its not worth the Air U breathe to even Speak....

Lies and Games..... I see it around Me all the time... and its annoying!!! Someone will Smile Right to Ur face and in the Next Breathe talk Shit about Ya to someone else!! Based on nothing but HearSay and Gossip!! I already have Tough Skin...I dont even Care anymore.. I Watch My Own Back(With Supporters)too many Haters!!! Cut Throats!! Underminers!! Bah Bah Bah!!

Well Im getting Off track.... I think this Performer Has what It takes to make it Big!!!! I told ya about Kirk Cummings a long time ago....... Look Now!! I told Ya about Wolf Hudson a long time ago!!! Look at Him Now!!!!

Anyway, If U noticed I give M.L. a Big Shout Out!!! I'm not an Asshole!!! M.L. got plenty of Plugs in My interview... If M.L. is smart(He Is!!), He would continue to Use Giovanni Summers because He is a Fine Young Performer that Comes to Work ready!!!!

And that Is Hard to Find In a 19year old Performer.... Good Luck Giovanni Summers!!! Continue to turn out the Hotness!!!

Giovanni Summers is a certified Power Bottom(Vers), If Giovanni Can Handle Diesel Wasington....Then He can take Anyone in this Business!!!

He Gets My Stamp of Approval!!! POWER BOTTOM INDEED!!!!

Plus Cute As Hell, With a Insane Bubble Butt, and Even Bigger Personality when U get to Know him.....

Total Package....... And as for Calling out Brent Corrigan..... I think Its Funny as Shit!!!

Geez He's an 19year old and already, He knows the Ins and Outs of this Business...


Anonymous said...

Letter to The Editor,

Dear Sir,

Off topic but been meaning to say u should check out Second Life if u haven't lends itself to your promotional talents etc....see the Chub Club inside...Rgds..Laurie

Brian said...


Please tell me you got to explore more that just his thoughts about the industry! How did that ass taste? LOL