Monday, April 27, 2009


Whoa!!! Everybody gives Me Hell for my Grammar!!! PEOPLE PEOPLE!!!Understand this blog is written On the Fly!, and some of the Ideas I come up with, get tangled with other Ideas. The End Result???? Sentence fragments, Run-On senteces, spelling and vocabuary mistakes..........(Yes I use Spell check!!and still mistakes!!)

Anyway........ I have been blessed to have good friends... Period the End!!! My close friend (12yrs we go back)Baby Jay is back in town and We have been hanging out Tuff this past weekend... To great weather.....the Other Misfits??!!! Baby Jay, Diesel, Angel, Jose, Rollerblade boy all just having Fun...

If U dont know????? U cant drink on the Streets of NYC anymore, so We filled up Vitamen Water bottles with Vodka, so We could Walk around the City Buzzed.

Anyway.....I have alot of friends....but the Way I write this Blog U would think I'm a Loner!! That is not the Case!!!!

Alot of My friends know I do Porn and they have no problem with that!!! But when I ask them to "Help Me out with a Youtube(Making Vids) its always the Same excuse!!! Nobody wants to show their face..for Fear of Something!!! Maybe People will think they are Gay???Or some kind of a drag queen. Who knows??? I find that strange... but I have to respect their wishes. I'm Out there in the Public...and they dont want the hassle of explaining their Sexuality when they are Heterosexuals. Then comes Baby Jay....

Baby Jay(in Straw Hat!!)..... I have known Jay for 12years, when I told him I do Porn, He didnt believe me... One day He came over, Had my Movie in his Hand and just kept saying" I cant Believe it!!!" He believed Now!!! But Jay is funny, He loves the attention!!!!! When He found out that I was going to Post the Pics of the Adventure!!! He became an Instant Camera Hog!!! Shot after Shot..

He is one of My close Friends!! We lost contact for a number of years, due to Him moving to Texas. But he is back now!! I had a good time, talking over Past times while lurking on the Streets!!!!

Summer is coming!!!

And the past weekend was blazing hot!!! It was Great to be outside for a change!!! I tend to Lock myself Inside(I dont know why?) So Im happy I have My Homey In town and We are hanging out tough......420 is being smoked... Booze big time!!! And Fun and Games for everybody!!LOL

Big Shout Out to Mike Dreyden Who I saw while strolling through the Hood..

Oh Dean Flynn wants People to know that someone is posing as him...Even tried to Start a website using the Dean Flynn name... so look out for that People!!!!

Hmmm What else??? The Blogger spell check is not If U see all the mistakes... Oh well... I told ya!!!

Bye Freaks!!

P.S. I have some Hot New Vids coming soon for youtube. Be ready for that!!!! Im doing Big things!!!!

Can U handle Me???


Anonymous said...

Good to see the photos of you and friends!!... begs the question of course (no offence but) how does Baby Jay sit on the spiked fence like that!!.really relaxed and not tensed up holding a position....damage free!! ???...Laurie

Anonymous said...

Also..always wondered how u/blokes keep your trousers on just below your hips.. don't they always want to drop off...????....Rgds..Laurie

Jannx said...
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