Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I wanted to share an email that I got from Ricky Sinz..I hope he doesn't kick my Ass for this.. But this Man, Is My Brother!!! I love ya!!

hey diesel
i know you were upset and i didnt take it personal after i thought about it.
at first i was hurt.
but diesel i remember coming up to you at iml 3 years ago when i first started off.
in my eyes you are the best top always have been and always will be.
your a powerful performer. you have the body of a god, the mind of a genious and the heart of a true champion.
dont let it get you down because this industry will recognize you and does recognize you for the amazing man and performer that you are.
nothing will ever break our friendship.
and i will always have the utmost respect for you.
i have always looked up to you.
and you have been and continue to be an idol of mine.
and a force to be reckoned with in the industry.
you are a living legend and a man amongst men.
now that you are a free agent you have alot of opportunities to show the world what diesel washington is about.
i love you brother and i always will.
your friend and fan ricky sinz.
btw it really was a dream come true performing with you in florida, i cherish the videos from the hotel room.

First Off the Bat he is talking about this Vid:

Secondly, I remember first meeting ya Ricky, U came directly at Me...Told Me that U liked my Work..We Flirted back and forth......In my Mind I was saying"Who is this Hot Straight Guy I'm Hitting On!!!" We then Met again at the Grabby Awards backstage...And we Flirted some more!!! I remember that well... I was Alittle Head Strong.. and I was like "Who is this Sexy Fucker???" U were just starting off on Ur amazing ride....


Sending this email to Me helped me alot..... U didn't have to send Me an Email...But U sent me an email because U are My Friend and Brother..... Dude U worked so hard for everything U got and U deserve everything..... I feel Sick as a Dog, Acting the Way I did and being Jealous!!! Yes I can Admit it!!! I was Jealous...But U worked hard in this Business...U probably worked Harder than Me!! We have similar backgrounds... We both heard the reasons why We wouldn't be Stars!! The Non believers, the Nay sayers.....

Ur email just reminds Me of How Big of a Star U really are!!! U have Class coming out of Ur skin.... Forget about Ricky Sinz the Porn Star.... Ur Ricky Sinz My Friend!! And dude I respect not only for What U bring to the Game but I respect Ya as My Friend!! U could tell I was hurting and U reached out to Me as a Friend.... Sometimes I get wrapped Up in My Own Ego....

I also remember performing with ya at the Parliament House!!! Yeah Man We were hanging out Tough..... I remember not being able to leave Our Hotel Rooms because of all the Fans and stuff... So since We couldn't leave the Hotel room...We ordered T bone steaks and Drinks and Watched a Movie!!!LOL

Dude U are the King Now!!! Live that Shit UP!!! Enjoy Bro, U worked hard, been through some Shit.... and It never slowed ya down, U came back and Rammed it back down People's throat!!! I'm a Fan Of Ur Work as Well..... and U rocked To the Last Man!!It's Like Art!!

Don't Worry My Friend... I have been working Hard. I will Join Ya soon!!! Its not my Time to Shine Yet!!! But when the Time is Right!!! I will be Right Up there with Ya!! Taking Over this Business as Well!!!!

In the Mean time...... How about Hooking a Brother UP with some of that Pimp Juice???? LOL Ur covered in Pimp Juice!!!

Love Ya Ricky!!!

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