Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I'm tired of sitting around until the Grabbys(Yes I'm Going)

So I need to get off My Ass and start business.... I have some space finally to do some things... I wanted to take some good pictures for once...its been awhile and I have some Free time(since not filming)and now I can Work on some Projects that I meant to work on for the longest time..

I have some Vids coming soon...

A photo shoot coming at ya!!!

Time to get a Head Start.... I need to do my own thing...and I'm working Hard at getting to that Goal.

Watch Out!!

As far as blog wars..... I'm tired of dealing with People who don't Know What is Going On!!! Flapping Gums!!!

Anyway!! I have alot of work tomorrow I'm working on a couple of sets for the Photo shoot, and I have to do the Styling, Set Design, Lighting, Pictures, anyway alot of work....

I will post later


Mark Nagel said...

Good Luck , I can't wait to see your first movie

Anonymous said...

About fucking time! Good luck on this. I usually bootleg porn DVDs but I'll buy yours.