Monday, April 06, 2009


The Sneak Peak is hot!!!! It seems that Fetish is My thing!!! I have always enjoyed filming Fetish because its Easy for Me!!! I totally take Command, and its a natural Fit for Me!!! But this Movie is different....Not only do I create another Position for Fans and the Industry, But I bottom for Water sports in this Movie.... People have seen my stage performances.... I Top and Bottom for water sports....!!! In this Movie.... I get totally Nasty with Piss and its a Mess in this scene!!! At the same time I get to have three lined up bottoms for My Use!!! Yes that is in the Movie!!! That was a Personal fave of mine...I have three Asses in the Air to Eat, Suck, Fuck, and just have fun with... Def had a Blast on this set!!!

I cant wait for the Movie to drop... which will be in June 2009 right in time for the Summer!!! I'm still waiting for Word on the Movie that I filmed with Barrett Long!!!(Talk to Me Man!!!) I guess he is Still Partying after his Win at the GayVn's Congrats on the Best Cum shot!!!(That was a given) Anyway I have some other projects soon to drop.... and I will be traveling... I always want to See the USA but I always get stalled on the tour.... But I will work it out this time. When I have the Dates Set!! I will announce My Tour plans!!

What else??? I think that is it!!! I wanted to share the Sneak Peak with about the Movie for a Few....

That's the End!!!

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Mike Kashey said...

So are we. Its been at the replicators for some time now. Barrett keeps calling them, but we rarely get a call back. On a side note, Happy Birthday a fee days early, Big Daddy.