Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Okay everybody knows about the copy, floating around the internet of Wolervine in Wolverines Orgins of the X-Men... And of Course the Geek in me had to get it..

Okay where to start without giving away the Movie.... I thought it was Great!!! Although there are some points of the Movie I didnt understand... Some things were quite different from the Comic Book...

Okay for the Geeks out there..Wolverine first showed himself in the Hulk Comic book(#181) that is where He had his yellow outfit, later he would appear in he didnt get popular Until John Byrne started as the Head Artist for Wolverine and started developing his character..Anyway...... Long Story short..

As a whole it gave some insight into the character of Wolverine... We all know How Much Wolverine been through his life and this Movie was just a small glimspe.

What I didnt like about the Movie.... I watched the Movie 10times some times double viewings....

Gambit..... Please What the Fuck Did U do to Gambit....In the Comic, he was sexy, funny and could fight his Ass off... They punked him in the Movie.

Wil I am????? U had to get ur Ass in this Movie didnt ya???? Ur mutant power was Wack!!

Best Parts:

DeadPool!!!! Fuck!!!Ryan Reynolds so fucking Hot!!! Damn and his scene is nuts in the Comic Book....Deadpool is alittle older but Ryan owned him...... He needs to be a superhero but I dont think there are that many DeadPool Fans!!! But it would be hot!!

Hugh Jackman.....he fucking stole this Movie!!!

I think the Movie will be Nuts at the Box Office...I just couldnt wait and Had to See it!!!

So whats the Score with Marvel?..... Hmmm Well they redeemed themselves with the Hulk 2 because the first Hulk was terrible!!! X-men and SpiderMan all on point.... The Punisher? there were three verisons of the Movie I liked the Third better. They need to do a Doctor Strange movie!!!.. Avengers will be Nuts... Just has me worried about the Thor Movie!! Ouch!! every Thor Movie I have seen was crap... Marvel has to stay away from making him look like a Fairy Boy!!LOL

Well that was the Geek post....

I rather see another Iron man Movie coming out the words first before Avengers but that is just my thing I guess...

Too Much Geek coming out...
Im out!!!


Anonymous said...

how do you get the leaked copy?

Trojan Gayle said...

I've been reading your blog for a long while now and i think its great. Although i have never seen any of your movies i like what you are about and the way you unload yourself to bare all.

You wrote in a earlier post that you gonna try a new direction and talk about other random things that you like. I think that is a good direction. You tend to come off as a angry person, which i think is unfair. But maybe by adding this in your blogs, it would give people a better understanding of who you are as you are a person and not a 24/365 porn star all the time.

Wearing your shoes cant be easy, but no one has a easy life. It could help by making your everyday more relatable to your readers.
Any how thanks again for your blog, I haven't found another black gay porn-star blogger so keep fighting the good fight. tell us your story and open on mind at a time. Change takes time and you may be surprised how far your journey gone by looking back

peace :)