Sunday, April 05, 2009


Okay, it has been sometime since I posted so I will write something real fast.... I started this blog a long long time ago.....

It was started just to chart my Success, getting into Porn and all the travels and all that Shit!!! I have done alot of things, and I have gone alot of Places(I Still have places to go)and it feels like I'm right back where I started!!!

I know awards don't mean Shit, I got that Point.... But at this stage of my Adventure.... I'm stuck On what to do next????? Should I continue on my Road for Best Top or just give up on it??? I still have another Awards Show coming Up and its the Grabbys, I'm nominated for four awards there.... Best Performer, Best Sex Scene Duo, Best Porn Star Blog, Best Porn Star Website.... Its funny to be nominated for Best Porn Star Website.... its not really a website its more of just a blog where I come to vent about shit in my life or in Porn really...

But the Fans(the ones that have been reading this forever)I never charged people to view my site... U don't see Ads on my page and my blog link.... Is just close friends(which I need to update) I could put up those things.... I have thought about it.... and that Might come soon, but I will never charge people to read my Blog....

Call it what u want!!! I vent on this shit, and its mine!!! I can say what I want.... If U don't like it then read another blog!! Its very Simple!!! I don't get Paided to write this.... I mean I could get money for this thing...but I will let People know when that happens...I wont spring a pay site on Ya!!! And then expect People to pay to read this Bullshit!@

Now I'm rambling, the reason why I want to write.... Check out my last blog... I go on to talk about Ryan Raz, and Chad Manning.... and they both respond on my Comment section Wow!!! Is that big or what????????

As Diesel writes this... I as the "Editor" cringe every time his fingers hit the keys, Fear..... about What He is going to Say next!!

But I think that is a good thing..... I have conditioned my Mind(After Three Blunts)into thinking Why am I having a Hard Time to be Recognized???? And being Insane and slightly Nuts!!! Led Me to the conclusion that People want to See Me doing More!!! Sure U can Pick Up Guys in the Air and Fuck them All kinds of Ways, Sure U can Double Foot Fuck, Piss over Trucks, Slam Fuck harder than anybody in this business.....What Else Can U do????

That is the Mental of the Classic Gay Man...... They Cant Give Ya Props.. Until U do something that Is Really Really Really Big!!! Caddy Bitches!!!! U want more and more...... Sure Creative Fucks are Gimmicks!!! But what else Can U bring to the Table...? I have plenty More!!!! U Caddy Bitches have just seen the Start.....

I gave Ya the Bully(that was to Wet Ur Mouth)then I gave ya the Motorcycle(U were Like Damn I never seen that before) I gave ya the Shot Glass(and U were like another one???)

Coming at Ya!!! I have the HUMAN SPIT OF KIRK CUMMINGS the move is Insane..... And then in the Channel 1 release "Take" I show the World the Cannon Ball..... its Crazy!!!! So I have two New Moves that are Coming out Soon..... I will have the Link for the Trailer of "Take" in Next Blog....

So I have found Renewed Energy......I was down.... Yes I will admit that!!! But its Back in the Gym and work Harder and Harder and Harder!!!! So its the Gym and Hit it Hard and then what????? I have some Opportunities to Go Over Seas(I want to See Damien) but I still have to figure that One Out!!!!

I am Planning a Tour Soon through the Ole USA I will keep ya posted on that......

I have some Interviews coming out Soon!!!! Look for Me on Stag Homme I do an Interview with Damien.... Which was so hard to do!!! I know Damien so its strange that He is asking me Questions when he knows the answers to....

What Else?????

Oh Yeah!!!! Work Work Work..... I know the Business is slow right now... But I'm getting the Itch to work..... After Hearing Eric Rhodes and Sagat have a Scene coming out.... I'm like Damn!!!! I need to put another Hit under My sleeve.......

The Campaign is still out there to work with Mason Wyler...... Press People and Follow Bloggers U need to make that Happen!!!!

And this is An Open Letter to M.L. :

Hey M.L.

This is Diesel Washington, We have had Our problems in the Past... but we do Agree on Certain Issues, With that Said, I wanted extend My Business hand to You, I have an Idea for a Great Scene. I think you, M.L. should do a Scene with Me. I think the Industry and the Fans and every Blog in the World..... Would Love for M.L. to bottom for Diesel Washington in a Release... I think every Industry Head, Studio Head, every Fan. the Entire Industry!!!! Would Love to See that Happen.
I think this will be an excellent Opportunity for Ur Company, and DVD sales would go through the roof. The Press release would be Huge!! And I think It will be the highest grossing Gay Porn Movie Ever!!!! The Taming of M.L. and done by the Hands of Diesel Washington the Hardest Meanest Fuck In this Business!!!

Take Ur Time to think about it.... But I think It would be a great Idea!!!

Diesel Washington

Just think about that...... Diesel Washington slam fucking M.L., all that Mouth of His filled with Cock, and a Giant Man Skull Fucking Him.... And then having those Legs of his behind his Ears and Me Moving In for the Plow Session!!!! Will I go lightly????? Are ya Fucking Stupid??!!!!/ I will Slam Fuck M.L. over and over so U can See every expression of Pain on his Face... and then I will Pull out of Him slowly.... get him relaxed and then forcefully Slam My Cock to the Base back inside.... Just so the Fans Can see his Eyes Bug out of His Head!!!!

The Only Pleasure I will receive is Cashing the Check and watching the Footage Over and Over of How Hard I was Fucking and Fucking Ya!!!!! I think I'm getting hard writing this?????

What a Scene that would Be!!! Diesel Washington Slam Fucking M.L. till U could see Tears in his eyes!!! He wouldn't do it..... But on the Flip Side, he is a business man.... Why not Put Ur Ass on the Line.... it will only hurt for the duration that I'm Inside of Ya!! But the Pay Off would be great.... It would be the Best DVD of all Time!!! All the Blogs, all of the Industry would Watch!!!! And No romantic Scene... just Hardcore Sex, Plowing, Piss Play, Choking and Spit.... Just Use and Abuse of M.L. holes!!!!

If U Want to See this Happen..... Email M.L. he owns his Company..... As A businessman...... This could be the Biggest Movie of His Life!!!!

I'm Serious.....I'm a Performer.. and I have plenty of Chemistry with M.L. and I will channel all that energy into His Ass as I plow Him over and over!!! Let Mr Pam direct It... that way she can get every angle of His Face and capture every drop of Pain of M.L. taking this Big Cock Inside of Him!!!!

As Biggie Smalls(deceased Hip Hop Artist) would Rap:

Dreams of Fucking a Gay Porn Star Bitch, I'm Just Playin but Im sayin..............

This is All jokes......

But this is a Blog... wasn't that entertaining....LOL

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Anonymous said...

A flip-flop with ML, would be a sure fire guaranteed history making scene.