Thursday, October 29, 2009


Okay I went to Marvelfest......and I had the best time there!!! It was so cool to be around other geeks and just enjoy dressing up and celebrating the Love of Comics!!

So I got to the event and so many people recogized Me as Lucas Bishop.......I felt like I was home. Here is Marvel's Vid of the Event:

Jean Grey:

Turn Coat Batman:

More People having Fun:

Luke Cage:


I couldn't wait for the Contest to begin:

Talking to the Winner of the Event Captain America.....He's outfit was flawless...from head to toe his outfit was amazing. I didn't win the Contest, Shit I didn't even place in the top 3 or 5. Captain America won and then Deadpool came in second and then Deadpool the pirate came in third. I still had a great time, I didn't want to go home, I just wanted to hangout all night...... :

Hanging out and Posing for the Camera:

I really loved this event, so many people came up looking to take Pics and Parents were bringing their kids to get Pics with Lucas Bishop.

It was great..I wasn't Diesel Washington for a change....I was Lucas Bishop!! Such a strange feeling....

I used to going to events and its "Hey Diesel" "Yo it's Diesel Washington" "Hey Diesel can I get a Pic" bah bah bah bah

This time around, it was such a good feeling to be seen as a Comic Book character, take pics with Comic book lovers, Little Kids knowing what Character I was!!! *Sigh it was sooooooo good!! I wasn't there to Swing the dick around, or try to turn on the crowd. I was with "Family" just people who wanted to dress up and have fun!!

I had a great time and can't wait for Halloween in NYC then it will even be better....

More Geek News....SCREAM 2009 did anybody else watch it?????

Alice in Wonderland...........looks so good!!!! Shutter Island whoa!! Avatar: The Last Airbender(loved the cartoon)

Alice in Wonderland:

Shutter Island:

Avatar: The Last Airbender:

Ironman 2 is coming........waiting on that!! I might check out The New Moon(Twilight)who knows??

I'm still waiting on THUNDERCATS!!!! HEMAN!!!.... one can dream right????

Back to Scream 2009

Megan Fox...yeah yeah she's hot!! Yawn! Bitch!!

Johnny Depp......amazing and fucking sexy....Everything about that Man!!! His passion and what he brings to every single role that He is in.....There are no words.....I would love to be in an Orgy with Johnny Depp, Ed Norton, Christian Bale and Robert Downey Jr these guys are committed to every role their in, with that much passion floating around. I know the Sex will be amazing!!!

Im rambling now....and making no sense...

I had to post this first.......

Okay enough of Lucas Bishop, Marvelfest, Scream2009 and movies I want to see..........It's time for Diesel Washington to get back into business mode again...

Tiger Tyson hmmmm???


Studywiz16 said...

Wow, sounds like Marvelfest was great, at least you tried even though you didnt win. better luck next time around, im sure it was great being someone else, for the night. the pics were nice, as a matter of fact everything was nice... props on the night Diesel, i was wondering if you could send me an email please?, my address is

Studywiz16 said...

Wow, sounds like Marvelfest was great, at least you tried even though you didnt win. better luck next time around, im sure it was great being someone else, for the night. the pics were nice, as a matter of fact everything was nice... props on the night Diesel.

ToddyEnglish said...

okay I totally hang out with you. We like all the same comics and cartoons (lol).
Glad you had fun!
This year I'm going to a party as little Michael Jackson from the Jackson 5.

Red Bottomz said...

This sounds like it was a lot of fun. You look great in your costume. You're a fine azz man. Just wish you were interested in making more films with brothaz instead of always rushing off to blow some white boy'z back out.

Anonymous said...

Hi T,

Its Sunday 01/11 just after 6AM your time and I am looking at the Earthcam webcam at 5th Ave and also a "Hawaiian Tropics Zone one...cnr of an intersection...looks like you are going to have a wet Sunday abit cool too...only some guys in shorts..have a good one...rgds..Laurie btw I was surprised how many people were out at that time of the morning...Laurie

Anonymous said...

You should top Marc Williams, as you'd would be the better Top than Tiger Tyson.

Anonymous said...

Tiger Tyson Hmmmmm.... Well as per below, is echoing the fans by wanting to see you and Tiger in action together.

tibuRYX said...


I've been reading your blog. Nice. I like your geek cred. I've been reading Watchmen on PDF for a while and I kept thinking of Dr. Manhattan while mixing you in the equation.

What do you think?

Diesel as Dr. Manhattan, the Doc with the blue blood dick and great multi tasker.

Kemistry said...

Vin Diesel, Brad Pitt, and Hugh Jackman are Thunder – Thunder – Thundercats!
Fanmade Videos, Thundercats Movie, Videos — By Nix on December 22, 2008 | Share This Article

It’s the type of big-time Hollywood movie that we’ve been dying to see, a mega-budget action spectacular of epic proportions starring Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman, and Vin Diesel in a live-action movie of the “Thundercats” cartoon show! Okay, so not really. It’s just a fanmade trailer of what a Thundercats live-action movie would look like if it starred those three names, with scenes taken from Diesel’s “The Chronicles of Riddick”, Pitt in “Troy”, and Jackman from the “X-Men” flicks. Also in there, Gigi Edgley as Chiana from the TV show Farscape, though I’m sure most people will have no idea who she is. And of course, Snarf. What would a Thundercat movie be without Snarf? Personally I might have gone with that fat kid from “Superbad”, but hey, I guess an animated purple muppet would work, too.

I looked at it again it has promise.