Thursday, October 08, 2009


Well I'm a stupid motherfucker......

I was late getting to the Exhibit, Museum of Sex on 27th Street 5ave, The site is here, I left my camera battery back home in the charger...and basically had no way of getting footage, I even went looking for another battery for my HD camera No luck(at 9pm looking for one, not happening....)

But I have a back up camera, Betsy........ I had this camera for years..... and this was Meant to happen!!! I will tell you why:

I struggled and climbed my way to the top....and Betsy was there for all the pics thus far.... It made sense, that even though I put this camera to retirement.......... it was this camera that was a LifeSaver(Joking)I was honored to use the camera that helped me out through the early part of my career(U guys have no clue what I'm talking about, the camera is special LOL) I'm glad that it could capture these images, and this is the link to the


Here is the Exhibit:

And then I walked through the other part of the Exhibit.... this is crazy!!!! I was in Great Company on the Walls.... It's alot to take in...

Diesel Washington is in the Museum of Sex......HOW HOT IS THAT?????

BigShout to Brian, and Jess........the exhibit was Crazy!!! Sorry I was Late it was because of above!!

Hey Brian......That's him holding up Unzipped....In stores Oct 14!!!!

These are some crazy times!!!!CRAZY TIMES!!!!

And I'm still not done with the stories from Fort Lauderdale!!!!

I have alot more.............

Your probably getting tired of Me(I just got started)

I'm on Unzipped right now.....the Website that is talking about Twinks...I think its a Very Funny and Honest Interview!!!

So Far....I gave shoutouts to Austin Wilde and now his Photoshoot is on Youtube. And he is talking about it on Twitter(just cause I don't have it doesn't mean I don't know whats going on, LOL)

GIOPHOTOGRAPHY is being talked about and I still haven't finished showing The rest of the Images.......I had a PhotoShoot with Gio as well(look out for that soon LOL)

Krist Cummings......Who I got my revenge now being quoted as "He's officially the new biggest bad-ass in gay porn" that quote came from The Story is here:

Hopefully He will move forward from here.... I like ya Dude!!! Keep Ur Head up!!!

Big ShoutOut to FabScout I'm not done giving ya your Props yet!!

So I know there is alot of Press going on about Me.....and I know People will get tired of hearing about Me....

So to balance the Field, I'm helping out other Performers to give them their Push...

I have to admit the Photo in the Museum may not have Happened without Mr Sagat.

To be honest, I was suppose to work with Mr Sagat before Folsom Fear...and things didn't work out with the Shoot. I was alittle upset, I came to Mr Sagat directly and asked him "Why He didn't want to work with Me(At that time). His words "I never met ya before...I didn't know anything about You" We talked for hours about the Situation(Back in 07)....and after all of that. We became Very Good Friends, so when the opportunity Came around for this project... Mr Sagat asked Me to be in the Picture with Him.

So I really Owe a Great Deal of Thanks to Mr Sagat....He is the one that really gave Me this Opportunity.... You are the Man...Mr Sagat.

Whats great about this Situation...When I knew I had the Unzipped Mag project, I wanted to work with another Model making his name in the Industry, Cameron Marshall(I heard the Rumors after the Photoshoot, but still love ya Cameron)so I gave him the same chance that Mr Sagat gave Me.....It came Full Circle!!!

Wow!! is all I can say!!!

Now wasn't this a great post????

Think About It!


Anonymous said...

Love the orange shirt, it looks crazy good on you!

I'm happy for you for your accomplishment, and it's a great portrait.

Dre said...

Glad you are getting some of the acclaim and attention you deserve. Why they gotta call your pic, the Odd Couple? I think that is probably the sexiest pic I have ever seen. Still waiting for you two to do a video again.

Anonymous said...

i guess you can say i've really made it!!!