Friday, October 09, 2009


Okay where did I leave off?....

Oh yeah...getting ready for dinner.

Okay We go back to the house and then get ready for Dinner, Howard takes Us to this really nice Brazilian Steak House....The Food was great, and the drinks were strong. Then Its over to Bills(Drag Queen performance)I went to Support Miss Misty Eyes.

Then a trigger.....I rolled with the punch and got some Air....But I noticed that it was really bugging Me.

I ignored the signs, and tried to coast the rest of the night.

It was then to Voodoo, now I was getting Hit by Triggers left and right(feelings of Sadness, Jealously, Confused States of emotions....

I needed Air........... U could tell I was Rocked Hard!!When I got on stage, I was just running

I jumped off stage, and ran out of the club and just sat outside..

I had some drinks beforehand(which is a No No)so basically I was beat!!! 1 scene, 6 shows...I was tired!!! I was drained mentally and physically and My body was just Run down!!

Finally I'm able to get back to the House....and I just laid in bed...sitting in the dark.....I was filled with Sadness, Anger, Paranioa (I was not feeling good)

I get up in the morning...and its Monday,

I head over to Fabscout Headquarters, I was suppose to do a Photoshoot with Giophotography.

I broke down, hiding in the Studio....Really Really Upset!!!

I had a long talk with Howard, I had a chance to Vent!!Whew!!!

I snapped out of the Depression, got myself together.

Found the Energy, I was Back and focused and ready to attack this photoshoot.

In the Next blog


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