Monday, October 26, 2009


I'm going to finish my blog list in another post.......

Lets have some Honest talk:

I unretired because there is a few things I wanted to do before ending my career.

1. I want to work for Hot House, I don't know if I made any enemies over there or what?? I have been a fan of Hot House for a long time....and I don't understand why I haven't worked for them yet.....?? I'm not saying I'm God's gift to porn....but every movie I have been in since going free agent have all been good. I'm not putting any pressure on Hot House.......they did use Damian Holt in a Scene with Vince Ferelli...but Damian Holt is no Diesel Washington(No offense DH, although I got Ur comments on my blog, not good ones)

2. There are certain models that I have wanted to work with for years:
Mason Wyler
Eric Rhodes
Mister Sagat(one on one scene)
Matthew Rush
Roman Heart
Ricky Sinz
Tiger Tyson
Zack Randall
Reese Rideout
Jesse Santana
It just hasn't happened............I gave my soul to this Industry. Yet I find it so annoying that I haven't been paired with a Super Star Performer.....or an Exclusive Model for a Company..... in the almost 4 years in this business.......The only exclusives I have been paired with have been Titan exclusives!!! I speak the truth!!! Call Me an Asshole or Mister Crazy guy if U want......but every time I step on the set of a Movie, I'm there to work!!! And when I leave that set the only thing left is Sweat, Piss and Cum!!! I give everything I have to give in my roles!!!!

3. Working with Jet Set......another company which I don't know If I caused Bad blood or not?????? It just hasn't happened????? NO CLUE WHY????

4. Colt Studios another company that I wanted to work with.....It just hasn't happened NO CLUE WHY????

5. As far as Titan goes.............I have no clue???? I see Tyler Saint still working with Titan...!!! If Tyler Saint can work for Titan again.........Why not one of its Former Exclusive models????? This business is so complicated!!!!

Now U might be asking yourself......"I was wondering why these companies don't hire you as well????" I have no clue people........for awhile I thought I was Black Balled(Black Listed) in this business for being as outspoken as I am!!!! BTW which leads to number 6

6. Channel 1 releasing.......I hear that they have went into production with Black Balled 7........I was not asked to be in that production.......No clue???? I Love Chi Chi!!!! And thought the Job I did in Taken was an Instant Classic!!!! I hold no grudges or Ill feeling towards any Company or anybody.....since my past days of calling out People and making enemies....I have corrected my mistakes with Ben Andrews, Ricky Sinz and a few others....but I guess I still carry that dark cloud with Me....*sigh

Now I have a few Ideas why I seem to be coming on the short end of the stick:

Diesel Washington revealing that in fact he is 40years old(which is the Kiss of death in the Entertainment Business) I contacted one website, I thought was built for Me.....Naked Kombat!!! To my surprise......I was told that the matches were long and hard..... and that Me being 40.... I might not have the stamina to be able to keep up with the rest of the models...basically the Rep said I was Old and might not be able to keep up with the pace. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?????????? When everybody thought I was 35(5years younger)I was wearing out bottoms that were 15 years my junior. Being a personal trainer I'm running longer and harder than guys that are 20years my junior.... I was deeply hurt by hearing this, I thought age was nothing but a Number.....but I forgot Gay Porn is about the Emphasis on Youth(more on that later)

Every Website, Studio, and Company is looking for the Next Big thing(Or at least a Fresh Face) A studio will use a model once or twice(maybe more)if they are not an Exclusive model. There are new performers coming into the game everyday, every month and each website, Studio, Company all try to get their hands on a Fresh face, so they can say they were the first ones to use that model. It's a harsh reality that "Older" "Seasoned" models face. The more scenes U do the more chance U will be overexposed....

Overexposed = a Quick retirement(not in all cases)

The Biggest Factor..........there is a recession!!! Older models remember scene rates that were once as high as $3,500 in 2006(depending How Popular the model is)and I'm guessing that the going rate is now about $900- $1,500 for lesser known models. I'm not Mad at anybody for using this recession to their benefit...... Why pay a well known model $2,000 when U can pay an Up and Cummer $900, U save money on Ur budget. The biggest draw back to that.......

Inexperienced Models, U will be spending more time Directing and Molding the model for their performance, U get models that go through the motions with Stiff fucking, bad acting, not into the role, the worst part of it, acting as If they want to be somewhere else instead of being in the moment with another hot guy, This Illusion that these guys can't wait to rip off each others clothes and fuck is not there and the fans can see that. So there is something to be said for Skilled Performers that put it down in every scene that their in.

I have been in films where I have no chemistry at all with my Co soon as that camera starts rolling....I suck dick and eat ass like I'm 100feet underwater and the only oxygen is coming out of his Dick and Ass.... I fuck with so much passion because 10years from now I want people to watch my performance and say "Damn!!!! He is fucking that boy with everything He got" I take pride in my work!!! Something the newer models know nothing about!!! It's only a check to them(not all but most)

I look at each role as becoming another character, each time I perform I want to outdo the last performance I did. I love the smell, energy and vibe every time I step on set. I missed that feeling when I was retired..

I guess I wrote this post because..........the phone is not exactly ringing off the Hook right now with work.

I went into Big time Press mode, with Mag covers, Vids, Hosting Gigs and everything I could think of to get my name back out there......

I'm here!!!! I just wish the phone would start ringing with Offers!!!

My latest is now running.... Check it out!!! If U forgot about my skills.

So most people think "Damn Diesel is everywhere nowadays" that might be the case.....but it's not getting Me tons of Jobs.....

It's still too early to tell but...........

Diesel Washington might pull a Jason Adonis(unretire to retire again shortly) if things don't get better and soon....

Sad but True post!


Anonymous said...

as in many careers age definitely can be an real life most gay men are always looking for something new...maybe its the same with porn

Anonymous said...

There's already someone working on getting you work that you aren't even aware of...and he's good at what he does.

Studywiz16 said...

Diesel you just got to hang in there, you are a great model, yes these days you find more twink guys, with no experience unlike you who has tons of experience, you follow through every character you get in a great way, and i dont think your that old 40 is a prime age, keep tryin as i said before good things come to those who wait, so try your best, the facebook was a good idea i added you and i dont fall into the list you gave trust me lol,so dont worry and there will never never be another Diesel Washington like you your the one and only.

Anonymous said...


Just seen Tiger Tyson blog and he now printing fans comments who want to see you appear with him. Looks it can happen, I hope so.
LOL, Dave said...

I think you do an awesome job . .. and don't think to much of it. . . those companies would only wish to have you in their company. Keep you head up. . . 40 is the new 20 :) at least for me . . and I only 23. :) hope everything well .. . ttyl

Anonymous said...

Hey Diesel,

Tiger Tyson in his blog today has made you a firm offer to do a dvd scene with him.

There is a huge audience to see that happen.