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Are people ready to see and hear all the behind the scenes footage of "GETTING LEVI'S JOHNSON"????????????????

Well your going to have to wait alittle while longer.............

Come on People!!! I'm out in LA on another "Secret Project" If you remember the Last "Secret Project" I hit the Fans with the UnZipped cover!!! That was Huge!!! This Project is even bigger!!!!! Even though people think I have a Big Mouth(Sometimes)I keep secrets!!And this Secret is Major!!!!!!!!

I'm not talking about the Movie "GETTING LEVI'S JOHNSON" WHICH IS HUGE!!!!!

I came to L.A. for my secret project AND Film with Jet Set!!!!! So I did two huge projects!!! TWO OF THEM!!!!!

Hmmm???? What else to talk about??? I have been busy......working on the Jet Set movie and getting behind the scenes footage to promote the movie!!! Is alot of hard work yet........

I had the most amazing time working on this movie.......


I have to vent first.......

WOW !!!!!!!! I was getting crushed in the emails!!!!!!!!!Everybody wants to See a Flip Flop with Tiger Tyson!!!! I'm not bottoming(gave honest blog why not) Now its always hard to put together scenes this Huge!!! We have to see what happens???? I love to work with Tiger Tyson!!! He knows it, You know it!! Everybody knows. It's going to yes I saw the polls results, Me topping him Came last(I'm not surprised)Tiger is an ICON!!!then Him topping Me came second(Uh?? duh He is way more popluar then Me so I wasn't surprised there either) The Flip Flop at such a commanding amount WOW was interesting!!! What was more interesting...... the number of people that voted. Okay Okay.... I listen to u guys with certain things...

When U voted that U wanted that see Me with more Twinks, What did I do????? remember???

U have seen Me fuck Bodybuilders, Jocks, Twinks, what do U want to see more of ???

Twinks 24%
BodyBuilders 16%
Jocks 15%
none of above, we want to see ya with Muscle Daddies 17%
All the Above 26%

I filmed with TWINKSCAPE

I have to keep promoting LOL

Now on to the promoting thing...... I promote my Ass off....Hands down!!!!! I love this Industry with all my heart and I like to contribute to this Industry in some way. And people are finally getting it..... ABOUT TIME!! I had to start slow, get the interviews and footage and just show off the models, I hit my stride with the Austin Wilde interviews and footage. Carried on to the Hustlaball footage, then it was the LEVI JOHNSTON footage(at Fleshbot Awards), that was huge for Me!!

I wanted to be respected as Performer, Blogger(I got that)now I want to be taken serious as a PR guy(I told you guys that before)... and Jet Set gave Me that opportunity!!!

Jet Set gave Me full access over the Models, Set and alot of the Behind the Scene footage. So this is was the big step I wanted to take and I got that chance. So lets start at the Top:

Everybody knows the LEVI JOHNSTON story so I don't have to explain it to you. But lets start the story from this Vid that I took:

Now people, from here, they started production on Getting Levis's Jonston and I was casted as "Tank"

Next blog the behind the scenes of GETTING LEVI'S JOHNSTON

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strong4u said...

I want to see a dude eat your ass until it's raw!