Thursday, December 24, 2009


This subject keeps coming up over and over and over:

Here is another annoying letter:

You're absolutely disillusioned and these fans who follow you that think for a moment you're any type of role model are delusional as well.

Ummm Okay??? That is kind of harsh but let's read on.....

You in now way, shape or form have ever been a role model for the Black community. I'm sorry never. You don't work within the HIV/AIDS charitable community, you don't go to minority events that promote community growth or awareness of the effects of HIV or anything else that's socially effecting our community.

Wow this person knows nothing about what I do at all. I have done countless events for HIV/AIDS causes. I have walked parade routes, donated money and led my name to countless causes...I never talk about all the good things, because U shouldn't have to talk about something good that U done, because it came from the heart. I wasn't looking for anything in return or to brag about something I have done. I used to be a clerk for an AIDS floor on Staten Island and that job was hard for Me. So I have been there and done that.

If anything you've misaligned yourself from the Black community by stating on many of your online profiles "NO BLACKS." That's okay with me but you sir are no role model within my community.

I don't have any online profiles that say "NO Blacks"???? I have no clue what this person is talking about????? In the past, I have been a victim of people creating fake profiles using my pics on Adam4adam, Manhunt, Rentboy, Bareback planet bah bah bah. I have had people send me fake profiles before that use my pics and its a pain in the ass.

You've aligned yourself to be a caricature within the porn industry as the BIG DICKED BLACK DUDE. However your dick really isn't that big at all in comparison to your massive ego.

Hmmmm? I think I have a decent dick and I have a Massive Ego??? I admit to having a Ego but I wouldn't call it Massive!!! I like to be confident and I will admit that sometimes I can be cocky, but if I don't have confidence in myself who is going to have it for Me???

Just to inform you - you're known within the porn community as someone who is willing to do whatever it takes to please white men in the industry even if that means making a fool of yourself on film for all to see.

A Fool??? Or Performer of the Year???LOL

Mr. Washington sir, I must state that you are not a hot commodity in the Black community not because of the reasons you've stated on your blog, such as you're not the the thug type - blah, blah, blah. The reason you're not is because you're a self loathing man who looks in the mirror and doesn't like what he sees.

Ummm...I like what I see the mirror everyday..I work hard in the gym and I love the color of my skin. I often tell the photographers when they color correct my pics to keep my skin dark, I don't want any lightening done to my photos at all. I demand that!! But why do I have to explain myself yet again...

No matter Black, white, Asian or other no one is going to be attracted to a man who doesn't like themselves. Look at the video you did of the behind the scenes on your most recent shoot and how Brent Corrigan looks at you as if you're an idiot. It's because the industry sees you as "trophy n**er." They throw you in the films just to say they have one. Moving on and good day.

So now I'm a Trophy Nigger?????? I really don't get it??? Does Race Copper and Eddie Diaz get these kind of emails???? Does Scott Alexander get these type of emails??? If so I would love to read them!!! I'm one man in this business and it seems that people attack me on all fronts and its alot to deal with. And Brent Corrigan looking at Me like an Idiot????? Well off camera I was too busy hugging him and having a Convo with the guy. But I'm glad the haters are watching my Vids, lets Me know that I'm so well hated I love it!!

Posted by Anonymous to CRIMES AGAINST NATURE

And of course its signed anonymous!!! Nobody has anybody balls nowadays and I found it very annoying...

They take the time to write these emails to Me and have the time to study my career and read my blog but all they can say is nasty stuff to Me.

I just wanted to take the time and answer this email..

I was wondering where the haters were???? I mean...... I was coming out with Vid after Vid after Vid from all the hanging out I have done recently...

Thanks Haters!! U guys u want to keep my on my toes...U hungry for more????

Are you hungry for more okay I have some news for you.....

I'm in a Relationship!!!!

End Scene for the Haters!!!



James said...

I'm convinced you love drama because no matter the situation you whine about haters.

John said...

My friend, you are a beautiful man and you seem like a really decent guy and you have chosen to share yourself with the rest of the world, for which I am very grateful. Ignore the haters, their lives are so miserable the only way they can feel better about themselves is to lash out at someone else. Be strong, be true, and may continued success and happiness be yours for years to come.

Anonymous said...


I generally try not to project onto individuals what I want or need them to be. It always leads to misdirected anger.

Anonymous said...

Porn is great but I tire of you guys thinking your something more than a glorified prostitute. No better than the Time Square street walker.

The only difference is a studio pays you and picks who you're going to bone while a street whore can pick and choose his/her clients as they please. Getting paid to