Tuesday, December 29, 2009

THE BEST OF 2009!!!!

Okay I thought I would write a post of the Best 2009!!!

I will break it up into the Best of Pics 2009, Vids of 2009, and general news about the Movies and (TOP SECRET)project that will unfold next year....

Okay so there is alot of stuff going on...

Back at the gym and its feels so good!!!! I'm getting all that soreness I missed for the last two weeks. DeadLifts, Clean and Jerks, Squats, Leg presses, Shoulder presses, bah bah bah.

So the quest goes on and on!! Inspired by the Peter Twins(Who are fucking ripped!!)I'm basically working on the Size factor first, Hitting cardio about three times a week at 30min each(retaining some water but its winter, LOL)I was saved this holiday session by trying to eat lean(Struggling with the fast food fights,LOL)I fell off the radar a couple of times, but I'm here and putting in the good fight!!!

I'm excited in the gym again!!! I see all the new faces joining into the Industry and the Competition is on!!! Hmmmm??? I know what is important that I wanted to write about!!!!!


So the Best of 2009 posts will blow the roof off!!!! Get ready for it!!! Best of Vids, Best of Pics, And then I spit the business in the last one before the year ends!!!

Okay I have some writing to do so stayed tuned and then let the fireworks off!!!

Okay the emails and comments supporting my relationship and wishing Me well....

Thank you to everybody that supports my Union and I'm very happy right now!!! We are taking things slow, and getting comfortable just spending time with each other. I'm comfortable!!!

As for other news, I have been extreme busy, handling family business and my personal business. I made a mistake and did some partying..... I'm not ashamed of it, I haven't had my period of just letting loose and not worrying about the image, and the Glam and all that bullshit!! I wanted to embrace one night that I could just be a party animal!! I paid the price for that endeavor(Depression afterwards)....

But I'm back!!! In a relationship!! Projects coming out!! and a Top Secret project that will Surprise Everybody!!

Things are good!!!

Watch out for the Posts!!

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