Thursday, December 10, 2009


Ummm.......I just have to let the Vid speak for itself!!!Here:

This was taken last night I just got back from watching them perform. We went out to breakfast and talked and had a really good night!!!.....Ummm I'm having the best time of my life!!! The Peter Twins(Bel ami)and one of them is checking Me out!! By closely watching the Twins I can tell them apart......

I'm attracted to both twins, but one twin stands out because We talk and flirt back and forth!!! I hate to talk about some porn crush online and everything. But I have to be real!!!! At first the Stardom of the gay twins and seeing them in person was alot to deal with. This time around, I was ready and let my presence be known that I was there and liked their performance. Maybe I'm making all of this up in my head and I'm crazy!! But its cool to have a crush on someone that is so cool back to you(real and nice and enjoys ur company)" And Touchy Feely" back..... hmmmm????? I'm speaking way too much here!!! Ha HA!!!!

Anyway I'm out here in Fort Lauderdale with the Peter Twins!!! They have another show and I'm going!!!! Good Times Good Times!!!


Anonymous said...

diesel ..i love you but you should of kept your shirt to the abs on twins body you looked fat..LOL

Diesel Washington said...

Ummm I dont take offense at all..... Baby I'm 40yr and the twins are 19yr I mean come on the reason I took off my shirt was to show how these boys are ripped and cut!!!! Alot of people are not into what they are about. Performance wise and stuff. These boys are smoking hot!!!

Anonymous said...

He doesn't look fat.

Delano87 said...

They're awesome! Twins, yummie..

And Diesel, I'm still a long way from 40.. But hope that I look half as good as you when I get there;)

hiphopman610 said...

i liked that u took off ur shirt.All three of u guys are hot and I am big fan of u all.

From Middletown,NY!!!Add me diesel! :)