Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Now I had to sit down and think about How Im going to write this post???

I will be hitting the promotion thing for Getting Levi's Johnson as such:

I will have Vids and Pics that I will post every week for the Fans, that way U get to meet the amazing cast.

I have interviews of each cast member.

I have interviews with the scene partners.

Alot of clowning around on set and Off

You the fans are getting alot and I'm glad that I can bring you this footage.

So lets talk about the movie........

The movie is about Levi Johnston Duh!!! Jet Set came up with script and idea and really ran with it. I was excited to do this project, not only because of the story but also the amazing cast that it has. Some really big names in this movie.

I gave you People tease Vids to hold you over!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen!!!!!! More Mark Dalton and Brent Corrigan.

Mark Dalton:

Brent Corrigan:

Hopefully that will hold you Over until I put up more Vids Press is Press!!!!!

And the Press this Movie is getting already is Huge!!!

I have to keep the fire burning.....make you People want more!!!

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Maddy McMan said...

I am so into mark dalton especially when he's real-person sized instead of super-blown up with 80lbs of muscle. I used to have one of his mug shot as my desktop on my mac.