Monday, December 07, 2009


Let me say some things first..........

Go to Here Lounge and have fun!! I came off alittle harsh at the situation.

I have weird Sweat glands, meaning that certain Deodorants exactly burn my underarms, so it hurts!! Spray Deodorant burns like a motherfucker!!! Roll on Deodorant doesn't work because I sweat alot so it just runs down my armpits. Solids(Clear/White) are worse!!! They clog the pores of my pits and I break out in a nasty rash. I'm just being honest with you the Fans, Working at Titan was like heaven to Me, It was encouraged to embrace your man smell!!! Piss, spit bah bah bah good times....good times!!

My porn star friends tell Me the running joke that people say about Me, I walk around with the "Diesel Washington Funk"HAHAHA I think that's so funny. I heard a story that one of the Studio owners lets call him "Guy" was upset after I gave him a hug(at Gayvn's2008) because I left my scent on his Armani suit and He smelled Me for the rest of the night. It's a funny story because I ran into "Guy" later that night, he was alittle drunk at the time, and he grabbed Me and rammed his tongue down my throat, it didn't bother Me..but I was surprised. I guess he felt bad and he said sorry and quickly ran away...... Funny Funny stories!!!

Another reason why I rock the Man Smell, in my escorting business I have clients that pay thousands of dollars to lick out my pits. At events Men would always crawl under my pits and say "U smell like a Man I love it" so I never really had a problem. But I guess when U want to chill with the Pretty crowd U have to play the role. It was a strange feeling seeing people that were put off by it.

I usually use these crystals, or what I would call a "Rock" its a natural thing that doesn't give me a rash or burning sensation bah bah. I grabbed what I could find from CVS and used that while in LA.

But I learned the Basic things about LA, If U don't have the Hottest Car, Hottest Place, Hottest clothes, fucking the Hottest Girl/Guy U ain't Shit!!!!

So I was pointed to Faultline........ I found my people!!!Fans who read my blog were like "So I was reading your blog and I wanted to tell you to come here!!! Glad U made it" Yes People I made it and had a great time out meeting Fans and non glamour people no shallow pretentious bullshitt!!!

While there I run into Zak Spears!!!! THE FUCKING MUSCLE GOD HIMSELF!!! SO I'M EATING OUT HIS RANK PITS!!!! moving on......And from there I went to MJ and folks had a blast with Me. Sunday night was my last time to party in LA and I had a blast. LA scored major points with Me, I will make sure that I hangout more on the East Side of Town....Check it out:

So I know People are still waiting for the Behind the scenes of Getting Levi's Johnston!! I just saw on TV that it got promotion from Levi Johnston himself!!! Now Brent Corrigan put it on blast that He was getting fucked by Levi Johnston.

So Let Me put it on Blast..... DIESEL FUCKED LEVI JOHNSTON along with Jesse Santana(In the movie)!!!

Now I writing this post fast I'm flying out to Fort Lauderdale to handle some business... This business came at the last moment but this trip is a Vacation, it will give me time to finish the Vids and post them. I really have some great footage people.... Mark Dalton talking about the whole Gay4pay thing....More interviews with Brent Corrigan, Landon Mycles, Casey, so many vids....

Be patient it will be done soon!!

As for other things, I can only be myself, that is all I know how to be. Some People like Me and some don't I can't please everybody!! I heard rumors that People think I'm difficult to work with in the business.. when I heard this I was like "Are you Serious???"then when they had a chance to meet Me in person it was a different story. I aim to prove people wrong!!! I laugh have fun and try to take not so serious. I'm having fun at this stage of my career!!

So there was a method to my madness by writing the blog I got kicked out of Here L.....


Anonymous said...

Yeah the faultline is for the grown and sexy. i too feel like a fish out of water in west hollywood. too much obsession with youth and hairlessness for me. i always find myself saying,"where's the beef?"

pjwalsh25 said...

So has Mark officially become Gay4Pay, He was a dancer at alot of the clubs in Dallas, while he was getting print work & JO films. Had some personal issues that I am glad he was able to get behind him.

Was not aware he had crossed over, He had made it clear more than once he would never have gay sex. But I say never,say never.

I use a version of the ROCK, it is a roll on, that should take care of you personal issue. So can relate to that issue.

Dallas TX