Wednesday, December 09, 2009



I hit you with some Big names in the movie........

Brent Corrigan and Mark Dalton(I still have more Vids of them)but I want to change the pace now....

This is an Interview I did with a First timer to Porn, Tommy G. I think this guy is hot!!!!! He got some Ink on him, hot body, Huge Dick(9in cut)and the hottest bubble butt on that sexy frame of his. I got a chance to hangout with a few of the models and he was one of them.

He's alittle shy, nervous, and it's funny watching him get ready for the scene. Alot of the other models look at Me as the Old Vet(which I am)so I try to give as much advice as I can to help out the other models.(and Play with them as well)

I thought He was sketchy at first, He is always quiet, sits on the other side of the room that sort of thing(On Day 1). Back at the hotel he opened up alot and He is really a nice guy when u get to know him. I know I prejudged him and I was wrong!!! He was cool, and had a hot scene in the movie.

With that said Introducing NewCummer Tommy G:

Hottie Hottie Hottie!!!

U know its really cool to work on a Set with People who U get along with. That is Key for any production, the less U have to worry about the models the better the movie. Everybody on the cast got along with each other, I hung out mostly with Landon, Casey, Jesse, and Tommy, We connected as soon as We met each other. That would be Landon Mycles, Casey, Jesse Santana and Tommy G. We hung out in the room and just had jokes and alot of Fun back at the hotel.

Stay tuned to More of "GETTING LEVI'S JOHNSON"

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