Tuesday, December 15, 2009


You think that is all the footage that I got of the twins???

Oh no!!! I have and more I just have to finish the other Vids(alot of them)play with the software and just learn more of the editing of the footage.
Here I am eyeing the twin that I want and I just have a regular conversation with him. But I'm not speaking enough about Johan Paulik the legend, when I was coming up in the game I thought the Bel Ami movies were well shot, hot guys, and just backdrops that were amazing. Meeting Johan was a real honor, even though my dick wasn't hard on the beach(When U have the twins staring and Johan talking sexy saying "Make it Hard, I want to see it hard")We still had a good time.

I will be honest I was so nervous around the twins and Johan, I made the mistake of spilling a drink on the table when We went out to breakfast. Being the gentleman, I bought breakfast for all(10 of us)and made everything alright. I wanted to slap my face and say Stupid Stupid Stupid!!!!after that, I was playing it cool until that point. Oh well....

Here is Diesel preying on his next porn crush victim: Elijah of the Peters Twins(Bel Ami)

Moving on......

I had to talk to both boys about their show, it was a different reaction than what they are used to. Being a performer U have some people that watch your show from afar and are too embarrassed to either tip or show support, and then you do shows where the crowd interacts with the performers and it makes the appearance full of energy and lively.

When I went to their show, I would see people just stare and stare. People were afraid to tip them, and to be honest sharing at twins on stage that are dancing and getting naked and stripping is alot to take in. I caught myself staring at times and to break the Ice, I went up to tip the boys, and then the crowd responded. It's not that the audience doesn't like you, it's they are not used to the type of show that is that edgy and different. Anyway let the Vid speak for itself:

Now I hear some people say their performances and DVD is disgusting and how can they do that???Bah Bah Bah. Fucking Haters!!!! All Haters!!!

They are brothers, built in best friends that will be connected for the rest of their lives. These boys grew up poor in their country and wanted to make money and see the world. Who better to work with then Ur own twin??? Who can U trust more than your Twin??? They both made the decision to do porn, alot of finger pointing when it comes to these boys. They are 19yr olds!!! Right or Wrong these boys are performers!! I enjoyed the shows and their performances were smoking hot!!! They have great bodies and asses and boyish looks that will make them a continued success.

People bugged when they saw my scene of Footing two guys while peeing into my mouth, I see the real reactions that people have when watching them. They Just stare with their mouth open!!! I was impressed by them!! They took control of that stage and had people stunned!!!

I was honored yet again by having time to hangout with these boys, Hot Hot Hot!!! Even though they are twins, they have two different personalities. One is alittle more serious than the other, one is alot more playful and goofy. Guess which one that I was going for???


I went from L.A. to Florida and I survived heartache and being treated like shit. To meeting the Peters Twins, making new friends, and finding someone that I find interesting and healthy for Me for a change.

If I could do it over, would I???


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Alex said...

They seem like nice boys. I hope they do well.
As for you, what other people think of you is none of your business, friend.
Be happy.

Rev. Alex