Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Okay this will be a long post.........

Lets get started the Movie GETTING LEVI'S JOHNSON the planets aligned and some major players came into this movie, I know it will be a huge success!!!

Levi Johnston was even on TV talking about the Movie itself:

Starring Casey Monroe, Levi's look alike:

Mark Dalton:

Brent Corrigan:

Diesel Washington:

Landon Mycles:

Luke Marcum:

Dallas Reeves:

Introducing Tommy G:

Basic Story of "Getting Levi's Johnson":
Getting Levi’s Johnson stars relative newcomer Casey Monroe, who bears a striking resemblance to Johnston. The movie also stars Diesel Washington, Jesse Santana, and Jet Set Exclusive Landon Mycles, along with the inimitable Brent Corrigan and Mark Dalton. To top it off, ‘Getting Levi’ includes a very special (though non-sexual) appearance by porn actress Lisa Ann, who starred in Hustler’s Whose Nailin’ Paylin?

“This movie is a ripped-from-the headlines parody that brings gay porn lovers’ fantasies about Levi Johnston to life,” says Jet Set Chief and AVN Hall of Fame Director Chris Steele. But, according to Steele, “Telling the story of what could have happened required recreating some events that DID happen, but with a hot sexual twist. So in the movie, our Levi does a photo shoot on the ledge of a Manhattan building. and then other events of his life are altered and given a taste of sex appeal.

The sex scenes:

Casey and Mark Dalton

Luke Marcum and Dallas Reeves Landon Mycles and Tommy G:

Casey and Brent Corrigan:

Diesel Washington, Jesse Santana, Casey

There is a twist in the scene that I think people will enjoy highly, there is a relationship between Tank and Levi and that is captured on film.

More elements of the Movie and its funny I was there for some of the moments:

Casey being Levi off the Bldg:

They really worked on this movie Folks!!! The Sets were great and everybody got along smoothly. I got tons of footage behind the scenes and everybody was great and I had alot of fun on this set.

I missed Cocktail with the Stars filming this movie, and I want to say sorry to the Fans again....But I had to finish filming this movie, everything had to be perfect. Working out the last scene of the movie had to be done carefully.... I think alot of people will like the surprise in the movie(I won't give it away).

How did Levi Johnston become so famous???? Gay Icon?? This man inspired a whole porn movie about his Life. And I was apart of that history:

Yes that was the footage I captured at the Fleshbot awards, to think I was talking to the real Levi Johnston before He got on stage, and then fast forward to I'm starring in a movie with Casey his Look alike and possibly fucking Levi Johnston. I was working on some new moves for this film and I had to try them out on Casey:

Does Diesel Washington fuck Levi Johnson???? U have to see the movie in order to find out.....

Wow!!! I had to leave you hanging this time around....


Anonymous said...

Hi T...thanks for the photos guy's have a funny job some times....sitting in a fancy suit with your dick hanging out..far out he looks like he is psoed to model the suit type photo..hehehe...thought your photo (while dozing off to sleep) was good for giving directions to the gents in a bar etc...what do you think..?? no offence but it seemed a bit subtle...

BTW they should have those photos on the urinal wall in a club/bars gents for some thing to look at....funny if it made things a bit an idea.... don't you think its always a real pain standing there with nothing to look at on the wall....Regards..Laurie

Sweat Under Gear said...

Very Hot Blog - we at Sweat Under Gear love it - we met Levi Dec 01 (and Tank) and now are looking forward to your version :)

DeWayne In San Diego said...

Damn Hot post and thanks again for posting that hot clip of you "practicing" on Casey.

Fully Clothed and I get all hard just watching you, the moves you use on the guys are some of the hottest we have ever seen in Gay Porn.

I am saying it now if YOU and Kam Scott dont win at the Grabbys for best duo that will be a TRAVESTY!