Sunday, December 06, 2009


I'm bitter today.....

I went out with Scotty B to this place called HERE(something like that) and I will be honest...

I was smelling like a Man(to cunt queens I guess I smelled) last night and I was asked to leave the club....

Yes that is correct I was asked to leave HERE because I guess I was stinking up the Joint....

Now everybody has their preference........

In my day of doing porn, Men smelled like Men!!! and it was encouraged to be natural. But I guess LA is different!!!!

Since I was asked to leave, I just went back to the hotel and called it a night. I wanted to party with people but being asked to leave cause my Pits smelled like a Man???? That was kinda fucked up!!!

What made matters worse......I detected that the Weho crowd is alittle different, so before I was asked to leave, I hit up the bathroom and washed up and sprayed on that pretty smelling shit(which burns my under arms)just to fit in. NEVER AGAIN!!

Then Security came up to Me when I was leaving the bathroom smelling all Pretty, Saying that I had to leave.....REALLY?????


But I'm being honest with you People!!!! That shit was fucked up!!!


So if U were at HERE and didn't understand why I left, Now u know why!!!

THE PEOPLE AND CROWD IN LA ARE SO DIFFERENT THEN WHAT I USED TO!!! I WON'T HOLD THIS AGAINST LA BUT.......... it doesn't make Me want to come out here anytime soon!!! But I won't be bitter........


Here is some footage that I got before I had to leave:

Oh and the fact that I was dancing for about 2hours on the dance floor counts for nothing I guess???? It's not like I came in smelling stinky and thats that!!!!

Another Funny Funny Story and Im Honest about everything I do!!! Or happens!!

Now let Me jump into the shower!!! I have to wash these pits!!


Anonymous said...

Asking you to leave sucks but BO is not smelling like a man, BO is smelling nasty, deoderant was invented for a reason lol. To me nothing is a bigger turn off than BO and the smell lingers too. Where I work we had to talk to middle eastern employees about the odor and it was a really hard conversation to have because you don't want to tell people they stink but when the clinics we deliver to are saying they don't want that delivery guy anymore because his odor was upsetting the patients you have to say something. You can always buy unscented deoderant if you don't want to smell "pretty" that's what I do.

Anonymous said...


"I was smelling like a Man(to cunt queens I guess I smelled) last night and I was asked to leave the club...."


or you wouldn't be ranting about it like a bitchy queen after losing a drag pageant.

I love reading this blog because you are so determined to put forth a macho image yet, everything you write contradicts it.

You come across as vain, needy, and bitchy. Kind of like a woman.

You're very amusing but, I don't think you intend to be.

Maybe you should try bottoming. My bet is you would probably be an excellent one if you would just embrace it.

Who might make you happier person. You don't seem like one now. So, why not give it a shot?

Anonymous said...

Now that makes me want to go to LA- after skipping a day of showers...oh and maybe eating a big ass can of baked know what smells they make. They should have been honored to have a performer of your callibar even at their shitty club...screw em!

Anonymous said...

Yep, those Weho queens don't know how to appreciate good ol' man smell. But, head east about 4 or 5miles and the folks at The Faultline would have welcomed you with open arms.

Anonymous said...

they actually told you to leave because you stunk...that is outrageous...did they know you were a famous pornstar? the gay scene in LA is really tired!!

Jeremy Feist said...

Yeah, as it turns out, some guys get turned off when you don't smell like one of those dorky little Christmas-tree car fresheners. To be fair, these people are fucking boring as hell, so take it with a grain of salt really.

BlackZurich said...

You have a huge inferiority complex on your shoulders. It's always the world against you. Good hygiene in public spaces is just common sense. At home, in your care, on your boat or in your private environment sure. But certain places yes you have to freshen up. Los Angeles is definitely a town know for it's superficiality. Guess you have to get in where you fit in.