Sunday, May 03, 2009


Okay Fuck G.I. Joe(Movie version coming out!!)Its all about G.I. Washington.

As I said before I was in the Military for 4 years(Good Times/Bad Times)and To be honest I have a slight Uniform fetish.....LOL

That is the Funny part......I was an Exclusive with Titan at the time and when I heard that Raging Stallion was filming Grunts at the time..... I was pissed!!!

Finally another Military themed movie out and I couldn't be in it!!!! Damn Oh Well!!

When I was Coming Up through the ranks I watched alot of the Regiment Film stuff, they had a big Uniform fetish in their Movies.... I still think the Uniform fetish is quite popular....... I'm a Fan!!

Oh well, seems that Raging Stallion took over that genre of Uniform fetish to the Next Level and I cant Hate on that!!! LOL

So the Pics above, I styled myself for the shoot, I have alot of military gear floating around so I put some pieces together for some Photo Fun



Gideon S. said...

What branch? I was USMC.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Enjoyed them.... elegant as in simplified look...not cluttered...Just my 10c...Laurie

Anonymous said...

A word of advice from a fan whose work is in more than a dozen museums:You are positioning yourself too far from the camera for maximum effect, and you are depending on your props and costumes to carry the "message." Good models "make love" to the camera lens, projecting themselves directly at the viewer, an impossible task if we can't see your face or read your facial expressions. You have an expressive, sexy face; don't hide it. Lex Steele succeeds, not only because of his famous dick, but because he projects an extreme sexuality with his mouth and his eyes. You can do the same thing. I applaud your courage in striking out on your own, but,please, don't abandoned the skills your have already showed.