Sunday, May 03, 2009


Flowers for Algernon, I don't know I just like the Title. Anyway it was the inspiration for the Movie "Charly" I always loved that Movie(Way before My time)I tend to Like Older Movies anyway....they don't make Actors like they did Back-In-TheDays.

Anyway I thought I would take some Nice photos in My new space.

That was Step 1.

I needed a Space in Manhattan, where I could film and use as Office space. That was a Hard step. No Way I could film at my place and use My place as an Office. My Place is Tiny!!!! To Cut Costs, I have two roommates and basically Living In a Dorm room size spot(Hey trying to Save Money!!) I'm very Low Maintenance, and in doing so I save alot of Money. Running Ur own Shit!!! Not Easy!!! Anyway I have a Nice Spot that "A Friend" is renting out to me.

People I have alot of work to do, Its just me doing this!! I have to paint the walls(they are blinding white)and eventually change the carpet. For Now!!! I wanted to break in the New Place with a Low Maintenance Photo shoot(LOL)

So the next posts will be nothing but Pics taken in the New Spot, I tried different things and positions.

Anyway, I made all the Sets and brought all the Props and things Comics, Flowers bah bah bah.

I styled Myself, old outfits and gear and just my Naked body!!!

I thought of a Few themes that I wanted to use.

Camera Work done by Baby Jay(I had to teach Him how to use my Digi Camera)

So I'm trying to Do different things........

Enjoy!!!! I have alot of work to do!!!


Dre said...

I'm diggin that hair cut my dude.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the photo sets. I liked the "comics" set the best. The "On the knee" photo was also nice. Yes, I do know what you mean about the uniform.

Good Luck with your new space.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mate..another good one!!..the yellow ones were right to me...probably would have tried leaving them and moving other ones around in the other two shots to see what might happen.....I felt u had a barrier in front some how..but still good..I don't know the figure/story you referred to...

BTW do u know about the photographic books on the Nuba by Leni Riefenstahl (please don't be offended I don't support her previous employer at all but think she showed people as themselves not imposing "our western view or whatever" .....also didn't cover anything up... it bugs me at times that one of the main attributes of being a man is covered up at times..mmmmmm just me sounding off a how would u really sit down after a session and reading comics...he wouldn't be behind one??..I am at least relaxed an not concious of being naked if u get what I that stage u don't thinks hide him away don't look...u have already gone way past

and blowing that away I think the cover up in the glaring down at you in the mens rough looking toilet was spot on...had the right feeling..the graffiti made it look like it was some particular place..

Any way please keep them coming...its interesting to see your ideas etc.....Rgds Laurie

Anonymous said...

I like that you are trying new things, but you are not going nearly far enough. What "story" are you trying to tell? I'm not sure. You need to look at some of the master images of gay photographers who use props and sexuality brilliantly. Start with Dave LaChapelle. Don't be afraid of "camp," either. It worked for George Platt Lynes. David Leddick's books about male models are a good way to see the whole history of this kind of picture making. If you can't afford to buy them, go to the library and look at them or find a friend who has copies. You will find lots of good ideas hat will help you.