Monday, May 25, 2009


Performer of the Year!!! Wow!!!

What does that mean to me????..... All the hard work I put in the business finally pays off!!! I can exhale and breath finally!!! All the bitching and whining all the sleepless nights finally will be over!!!

Performer of the Year means alot to me in many ways!!! There is no longer a glass ceiling in Porn!!! That invisible wall has been broken down!!! and smashed!!! To all the Men of Color that do Gay Porn, there are no boundaries in this business(as far as the Grabbys are concerned)Now get off Ur Ass and perform!!! No excuses!!!

I hear it all the time!!! Black Studios and Black porn models don't bother to come to the Gayvn's or the Grabbys...Why???? Because ethnic based companies wont win any awards because they are deemed a Niche or speciality class in Gay Porn!! While there is truth to this...... If U don't come and represent then it will always remain that way!!! I don't believe in the term Interracial scenes!!! I always thought a Hot model is a hot model and only that!!!

To be Honest... the Grabbys showed Diversity at its best!!! Finally an awards show that reflects Modern Day Society!!! All different races and faces all together to celebrate the best in Porn!!!

To show How Diverse the Wins were and how Men of Color were represented!!! Take a look at the Winners of the Grabbys 2009!!!

Best Box cover and Screen Play

Black Meat White Heat!! All worlds

Best Ethnic and Best Cum Scene and Best All Sex film

Black Balled 6

Now!!! To understand things clearer!!! Black Balled 6 beat out some of the Bigger productions that were All white casts in the Best all Sex film category(beat my Movie Telescope)so the times are changing!!! Also Black Meat and White Heat beat to The Last Man by Raging stallions in the Screen Play category!!! That was Huge!!!! Diversity was Big this year, I only wish there was a showing by Ethnic Companies at this year's awards show!!! Maybe there was???!!! It would have been Nice to See Some of the Cast of Black Balled 6 up on stage getting their due....

But I don't blame the cast for not showing..... after the Gayvn's and years and years of being put into a speciality class without any recognition. Its hard to think that this year would be any different....

MARK AND STACY really showed that this year was different and that the Grabbys are more progressive in terms of reflecting How Society is Nowadays!!! People of all Races being represented and accounted for!!!

THANK YOU MARK AND STACY for making the awards this year!!! Refreshing and Unpredictable!!!

Performer of the Year!! What it means to me Work Wise!!!

This Win will not change anything!!! All the studios knew that I'm a great performer!! But we are in a recession, until that changes I will not get anymore work!!! I live on the East Coast and the cost of Flying Me in and putting Me in a hotel and paying my scene rate is kinda of high. I think I'm worth it though....Look at my track record!!!! I have alot of hits under my belt!!!

Better yet!!! The Studios should look at it this way...... Ur getting the Performer of the Year!!!! So Ur getting a model that will give His all for a Scene!!! I also won Best Porn star U will get the best promotion for Ur movie at the same time!!! So a Smart business man gets alot from One model...a great performer and promotion on a Top Porn star's blog!!!

Can U say Duh!!!!???

I'm still starting my Own business.... but in the meantime I would like to work for some studios that I didn't have the chance to work with.......And work with some Performers that I didn't get a chance to work with.....

Speaking of which......Can Diesel work with an Exclusive Now!!!!!!

I won Performer of the Year!!! Since becoming a Free agent I haven't worked with any Studio Exclusives yet!!!!

Can this change before the year is out????

I'm calling the Studios out on this one!!!!

Give Diesel an Exclusive to handle!!! Geez!!!!


Anonymous said...


You are SO Deserving of Performer of the Year-- and its overdue, but the timing couldn't be better for you!

You have branched out as a performer, and made sure that you kept mixing things up, not getting caught in a rut.

Keep doin DIFFERENT productions and STAY as creative as you are--its what makes you STANDOUT
far and above the others.

Bravo....applause applause.

One of your biggest fans,
Supaboi in Miami >:)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I'm just as surprised as you. It's the porn version of Obama for President. (Rumor has it that the prez is packin', too.) So, don't you go and change. Stay the same wild and crazy fucker that made us love you (and hope that, if we met you in an alley, it was because we had made the appointment)and wonder how long it took your bottom men to learn to walk again. You do it all so well. Your rim jobs are the ultimate tongue fucks. You can piss more and farther than the competition. Your dick is made of carbon steel. What's not to like? There are other talented performers, also beautiful black gay males, who deserve more than "novelty" spots in vanilla sex vids. I hope your recognition inspires them to push harder, and makes producers realize that, for many of us, most white twinks just look alike. If porn is actually on the rocks, as the article in Advocate suggested, maybe its time to add some serious flava to the mix and float our boats. You have been floating mine for a long time. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good time in Chicago,but Miami was the place to be.

It was Black Hip-Hop and Black Gay Weekend (Sizzle Miami) down there.

Check out these pics:

Anonymous said...

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