Monday, May 25, 2009


This is Footage from Nick Young's friend Jimyvr, who I was sitting right next to!!! I also heard Nick saying... "I thought Diesel was a Hooker???"!!!! Yes I'm a Escort, Blogger, and Porn star, I wear alot of Hats in this Business. Its all about the Sex Industry.... I have seen the Industry from the Stand point of Escorting and making money... Performing on Screen to the best of my ability.... and then writing all about both worlds on my own blog.. Yes I have many talents!!! Anyway thanks to Jim for taking the footage and uploading it....It makes my job alot easier because I don't have to edit my own footage to put online.

Anyway, I was deeply honored I was presented the Performer of the Year award by Industry Heavy Weights such as Matthew Rush, Robert Van Damme, Jason Ridge all Legends themselves!!!! To be apart of that!!! Was truly amazing!!!! So above is the Footage of Diesel Accepting the Award of Performer of the Year!! Thanks to all the Fans!!

This is also footage from Jimyvr(Its great that he took all of this Footage) This was one of the Most Important awards of the evening for Me!!! To win a Grabby, for My Blog is simply Nuts!!!! It wasn't about my Sex on film, it was about my writing!!! This blog is my baby!!! I have been writing this blog since 2005, and I have been blasted by people left and right, Blog Wars!! and everything in between.. I was criticized for being too honest, writing too emotional and talking about subjects that most Porn stars wouldn't talk about!!! But that is what makes the blog interesting... It shows that Porn stars are Human!!! Bah Bah Bah....We all know this already!! I don't have to go into it again.... U know this!! I never charged money to read the blog, or safe guarded any of my Pics, it was made for the Fans!! And it will remain like that!!!!

Anyway...I wanted to share my reactions on stage with the fans so U could understand what I was going through at the Event.....There U have it!!!


littlejj said...

Alright dude! Congratulations it's been way overdue. All the best.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clips of the Grabby's, it looked like a very enjoyable event. Jimyvr did a very nice job with the video clips.

Your mother even got a shoutout at the event. Congratulations to her.

The Grabby's 2009 will probably be one of the all time best moments in the Diesel Washington's collection of momentos of his rise up the industry's ladder of success.

Again, congratulations on your wins.

Jaime A. Falu said...

Hey Diesel,

First of all, congratulations on your wins. I was there to witness the first one that had to do with your blog. And was ecstatic to hear when you got the performer of the year award.

I am mostly writing you as Erik West's roommate, who was on stage with him helping him present the award that night at the Grabby's. All I heard after the puppet show were things about it being controversial and racially derogatory. I am thankful to hear that you took it as I have always taken it since he's started with his puppet impressions.

I feel that it would be a shot to my own integrity to be his roommate for a year now and allow him to portray something that wasn't morally or ethically just, especially anything racially inappropriate.

So I just wanted to thank you for writing that in your blog. Take care and I wish you lots more success to your future in the industry. Hope to maybe work with you someday. :)