Friday, May 22, 2009


Okay It was a fast Edit to get that Vid up from Yesterday....

So the Washington's are in Chi town right now....Mommy Washington is going to see a Baseball game this evening and I will be traveling around Chi town making friends and seeing the IML market... and I will go to some sights around the city and just take it in!!!

It was a long trip getting here!!! We had to stop for gas several times...but we raced down here quick as possible!!!

The funny part about the Road trip...We get stopped along the way for speeding!! Yes U guessed it!! Speeding!!! I was sleeping in the back of the car...I then heard the sirens and saw the lights....

Since I was sitting in the back I was not wearing a Seat Belt.....Baby Boy Diesel!!! So My Mom received a ticket for speeding and I got a ticket for not wearing a seat belt...... U cant make this stuff up!!!

THE BAD PEOPLE OF PORN!!: Diesel Washington and Mommy Washington!!! LOL

Enjoy the Vid!!!

Yeah its alittle long........but the footage is priceless!!!


RicMikey said...

Awwwhhh papi, u r just 2 cute! I really, really, really want 2 meet u 1 day & just chill w/ u.....U have such a cute/awesome personality.

BESOS papi!

Anonymous said... guys are driving on the Wrong! side of the

Anonymous said...

I hope you're going to post more video footage of your trip to Chicago.

$25 for a seatbelt ticket, I think you would have had to pay much more in NY. I was reminding myself to post a comment about remembering your seatbelt, but the statetrooper beat me to the punch.

Final comment. You seem to have a very supportive mother. You're very lucky.